Made the couple sit in the car, escaped from the car on the pretext of vomiting, took off the bangles in hand | Made the couple sit in the car, escaped from the car on the pretext of vomiting, took off the bangles in hand

Amritsar6 hours ago

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Car Mahila Gang has once again become active in Amritsar. The couple, who are returning from the Rani Ka Bagh temple, have now become a victim of this gang. Surprisingly, this gang subdues the victims to such an extent that they get out of the car and come to know about the robbery. This gang, active for the last 7 years, has not been caught by the police till date. Whereas the method of robbing, the vehicle and the accused are all the same.

Now this incident has happened with Sukhdevi, a resident of Ram Nagar in Islamabad. Sukhdevi had reached the Mata Lal Devi temple located in Model Town to bow her head. He was just about to go inside the temple when a Swift car came and stopped near him. In front was the driver and behind were two women. The women told that they wanted to find a boy for marriage, who lives in their street. Saying this, the women made him sit in the car. She sat next to the women in the back and her husband in the front seat next to the driver. He sat in the car for half an hour, so a woman said that he was vomiting and both of them got out of the car. Hearing this, she got out of the car. But she fled with the car at the same time. Then he saw that two gold bangles had been removed from his hands.

Anganwadi teacher became victim two months ago

Two months ago, Anganwadi worker Balwinder Kaur was returning back to bow her head in this temple. Similarly, he was made to sit in the car and the pretext of having a heart attack was killed at some distant Peer’s place. Both the women had taken off 3 tola of gold bangles from his arms.

Every year this gang commits 2-3 incidents
In the year 2014, this gang was very active. It had carried out more than 6 incidents in a few months. After this the gang disappeared. From then till today, this gang carries out 1-2 incidents every year and escapes. Not only this, the victims of this gang are not only in Amritsar, but also in Jalandhar, Sirsa, Ludhiana, Hoshiarpur etc. After carrying out one or two incidents in one city, this gang moves towards other cities.

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