Madhya Pradesh Police There will be separate teams for crime research and law and order

Publish Date: | Sun, 10 Oct 2021 05:24 PM (IST)

Madhya Pradesh Police: Bhopal (State Bureau). Madhya Pradesh Police is going to make new arrangements for investigation of crimes and law and order. For this, a draft plan is being prepared at the Police Headquarters. The scheme is being worked upon to remove the delay in investigation of crimes. Under this, there will be a separate team to investigate crimes. The work of this team will be to investigate and present evidence in the court. The members of this team will be kept free from other responsibilities of police stations including police patrolling. This team will work under the control of Superintendent of Police in every district.

It is to be known that the Police Commission has on several occasions recommended the formation of separate teams for research and law and order. This is because investigation of crimes has been considered important and the law and order situation has been considered urgent. Due to law and order, the work of investigation of crimes gets affected and there are also fears that witnesses and evidences get tampered with in pending cases.

This is the reason that the plan is being worked on to make a system to separate the investigation of crimes and the law and order team. Sources say that the blueprint of this plan has also been prepared at the police headquarters. Considering the district as a unit, the Superintendent of Police will establish coordination at the local level. The team that will be involved in the investigation will be kept free from the day-to-day responsibilities of the police. The work of the investigation team will be till the production of challan and evidence in the court.

Availability of force is a challenge

Adequate police force is a major challenge in this system. However, in the plan being made, the solution has been kept in such a way that in case of law and order, the reserve force present in the police line should be used as much as possible. In the work of investigation at the police station level, a team of officers and employees should be constituted in such a way that there is no problem of shortage of force. That is, in the police stations where the crime graph is low, the investigation team should be kept small.

good effort

This is a good effort by the police. If for some reason it cannot be implemented in the entire state, then at least in big cities it can be done in this manner. With the separation of the investigation team, the police will be more successful in bringing the criminals to justice.

Arun Gurtu, retired Director General of Police (Lokayukta Organisation)

Posted By: Hemant Kumar Upadhyay

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