Make your career in digital marketing Arham Surana gave tips to the youth

Agra, Jagran Correspondent. After the advent of the Internet, most of the businesses have converted to the digital medium. Many enterprising individuals who want to mark their impressive mark online have turned to digital marketing to establish a wider online presence. Building a strong social media marketing strategy has become an important aspect of any business today and is one of the most effective ways to ensure growth and expansion to a great extent. To make things easier, professionals specializing in this field are now accessible to get things on the right track.

The special thing is that these professionals have got a lot of experience at a very old age. There was a discussion about digital marketing in the webinar held in Agra. In this, digital marketing expert Arham Surana said that he has entered the digital arena at this age and has helped many celebrities to increase their reach by increasing their social media following on Instagram. Having deeply delved into the subject and mastering it seamlessly, he has been able to generate multiple revenue sources for clients spread across the globe. He also has expertise in Facebook ads. Explaining the reason behind achieving success at such a young age, Arham said that I have always been a risk taker and have faced failures many times, yet it did not stop me from achieving my goals.

While kids his age were spending his time here and there, he was spending his time gaining deeper knowledge about the digital world. After many sleepless nights tried to take the subject to its roots and became an expert. Initially, people did not take him seriously but he proved him wrong by excelling in his work and showed that there is no substitute for hard work and focus.

On where he sees himself after five years, Arham replied that I want to lead a financially independent life by creating multiple sources of income for myself. He exhorted the youth not to think of internet media as just a means to pass the time, catch the nuances of any subject and make their career in it easily.