Many 80 years old cars have been saved

Maintenance only costs as much as a new car can be bought, but vintage car lovers do not approve of it.

Bhopal. Some people in the city are fond of vintage car collection. They have a wonderful collection of used cars. Although these cars are visible only on certain occasions because as beautiful as they look, they also have to be taken care of equally. There are many vintage cars, whose maintenance costs only as much as a new car can be bought, but this is not acceptable to the lovers of vintage cars.

Parts of these vehicles are also not easily available, many parts have to be called from Delhi-Mumbai. Sometimes we have to export from abroad also. They are definitely done on road once in a month, so that their status remains to be known. Faiz Mohammad, fond of old cars, told that my grandfather used to have a jeep in those days. They always said that there should be a unique car in the house.


He told that seeing him, I also felt fond of saving vintage cars. Right now I have 5 vintage cars. Of these, three have been fully built. I have cars from 1928 to 1962 in my collection. When I bought a 1942 ‘Ostill A15’ car, it was in very bad condition. It was given its old look again. The year 1939’s ‘Pre Few 4’ has also been given an original look.

Golden Temple of Mahadev – Gold urn and gold flag

Faiz Mohammed tells that the pistons of a car were not available here, they have been imported from Iceland. Its work is going on now. Driving a vintage car is fun in its own right. Wherever you are, everyone is the center of attraction. For their accessories, people contact people who have 70 to 80 years old vehicle. Many times it has happened that the design was prepared on wood and after that work was done on that design.