Mass Religion Conversion in UP Two arrested by UP ATS in Lucknow in matter of conversion of Non Muslim to Muslim

Lucknow, Jnn. A big case of conversion has come to the fore in Uttar Pradesh. More than a thousand people have got information about converting to Muslim. After arresting two people involved in this game, Uttar Pradesh ATS has registered a case against them.

Additional Director General of Police ATS and Law and Order Prashant Kumar said that a big game of conversion is going on in Uttar Pradesh. Here we got information about the act of converting non-Muslims to Muslims, so we activated ATS. This type of conversion is being done in the state under a well-planned conspiracy. A lot of investigation is going on in the matter of conversion. The accused, who were caught in the case of conversion, accepted the fact of converting one thousand people to make them Muslim. Funding was also from ISI. A big game was happening through the Islamic Dawa Center.

Umar and Jahangir told that these people have got more than one thousand people converted by giving the lure of money. They used to get funding for this work from ISI. These people used to target deaf and dumb children and women. The marriage of women has also been done after the conversion. A whole gang was working for this work. The racket of these people has come to the fore in many other states. Both these people have campaigned in many districts of the state including Mathura and Varanasi and got them converted.

So far, both of them have got the conversion of about one thousand people done. These include a large number of deaf and deaf women. A list of one thousand women and children has been received from them. Many children and women of Kanpur, Varanasi and Noida have also been converted. A child from Kanpur has been taken to some city in South India. STF is finding out about him.

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The ATS team of Uttar Pradesh was interrogating them for about four days and gathering evidence. The arrested Maulana Jahangir and Umar Gautam are associated with the big Muslim organization of Lucknow. According to ATS officers, they used to target poor Hindus. Both the Maulana claim that they run the organization in the name of Islamic Center. Both the Maulana have got the students of the deaf and dumb school operated in Noida Deaf Society converted to religion by luring and luring them.

Prashant Kumar said that at present, the ATS has arrested two people. In this case, a case has been registered against Mohammad Umar Gautam and Mufti Qazi Jahangir Alam Qasmi of Jamianagar, Delhi under serious section. Now the names of more people will come out in their interrogation. In a village of Rampur, a Maulana’s hand has also come to the fore in getting two poor children converted after forcibly circumcised. Both are residents of western UP. They were also being funded by a foreign-run Muslim organization. Now UP ATS is gathering information about him. On June 3, two Muslim boys attempted to attack a priest at Delhi’s Dasna temple. After this, when both were caught, information was received about Maulana Umar and Jahangir.

It is believed that their connections were related to Uttar Pradesh as well as many other states. Mohammad Umar Gautam’s son Late Dhanraj Singh Gautam also became a Muslim in the 70s. Since then it went to Delhi and engaged in this campaign. Umar and Jahangir, very active in the case of converting non-Muslims to Muslims, have been caught from Lucknow. This matter has come to the fore after the case registered in Ghaziabad. It is believed that both of them and their associates have converted more than a thousand people in Uttar Pradesh.

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