Mohan Bhagwat Asked Hindu Families To Enrich Their Children Regarding Hindu Religion

Mohan Bhagwat, once again reacting to the conversion, has asked the Hindu religious people to teach their children to respect while giving a deep education of religion.


Teaching respect for religion is very important for Hindu unity. (Photo Credit: News Nation)


  • Adopting another religion for marriage is totally wrong
  • Hindu families should teach religion to their children
  • Even foreigners believe in the iron of Hindu Sanatan Dharma


Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) K Sarsangh Driver Mohan Bhagwat Responding to the conversion once again, the Hindu has asked the followers of Hindu religion to teach their children to respect while giving a deep education of the religion. Bhagwat has Hindu Discussed many important aspects regarding religion, family, rites and conversion. He said in a loose manner that Hindus who adopted other religions for marriage are actually doing wrong. This is happening for very small selfishness, because Hindu families keep their children as their own. Religion And they are not able to teach to respect traditions. He has said that we have to teach our children respect for Hinduism and worship so that they are not attracted towards conversion just for the sake of marriage.

Religion being changed on small interests
Mohan Bhagwat had arrived in Uttarakhand on Sunday to attend a program. There he said in the family enlightenment program, ‘How does conversion happen after all? How do girls from their own house go to other religions?’ Responding to this, he himself said that this is happening because of very small vested interests. just to get married. The converts are wrong, but our children are not. Don’t we prepare them ourselves?’ He told the people present there, ‘We have to give its rites at home. Children will have to be taught pride for their religion, the basis for worship. For that, whatever questions will come from their side, they will have to be answered. Without falling prey to any kind of confusion.

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Foreigners also crazy about Hindu Sanatan culture
He further said, ‘The purpose of RSS is to organize Hindu society, but when we organize RSS programs, we see only men. Now if we want to organize the whole society, then 50 percent of it should also be women. If we bring a change in our social style, then India can become a world guru. For this we should do our language, dress, building, excursion, hymns and food according to our tradition. Bhagwat said that the whole world is following the traditions of India. He also referred to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. He said, ‘Once they said that how they serve their parents, we have to learn about these traditions from India.’ Bhagwat said, ‘Our scriptures tell us this and teach us how to follow our religion.’

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First Published : 11 Oct 2021, 01:49:51 PM

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