Mumbai Crime News: Second case of murder like Neeraj Grover muder case was out of lime light due to Aryan Khan case

Monali Gaikwad and Dada Jagdale are childhood friends. He is a native of Akluj village in Solapur, Maharashtra. Studied together till class X. When they reached college from school, their paths changed. Both grew up and later both found life partners separately. Monali got married to Maharashtra Police constable Shivshankar Gaikwad, who is currently the driver of ACP of Mumbai’s Sion division, and businessman Dada alias Arjun Jagdale to someone else. Monali and Dada Jagdale also had children from their respective partners, but childhood love kept pulling both of them towards each other again and again. Its outcome last week was exactly the same as it happened with Neeraj Grover 13 years ago.

Neeraj Grover was a young man from Kanpur, working as a media executive in a production house in Mumbai. He had an affair with Kannada film actress Maria Susiraj. Maria Susiraj was engaged to Navy officer Mathew Jerram. Matthew Jerram came to Mumbai one day in May 2008 without informing Maria Susiraj. Early in the morning his house bell rang. As soon as Susiraj opened the door, Neeraj Grover was found in an objectionable condition in Maria Susiraj’s bedroom. The Navy officer’s blood boiled. He killed Neeraj Grover. Later, the body was cut into pieces and packed in different bags and burnt in the deserted forest. That case remained in the headlines for several days across the country.

Shivshankar, the driver of ACP in Mumbai, did exactly the same. But this case remained in the media headlines due to Aryan Khan drugs case. The driver of the ACP dismembered the body of his wife Monali’s lover Dada Jagdale. Cut both hands separately. It was written on one hand – Dada. Do both legs apart. The head was also cut off from the chapar. Filled them all in different bags and put all the pieces of the corpse in the same building in Antop Hill, which houses the office of the ACP of Sion Region. Head thrown somewhere else. Sion and Antop Hill are nearby in Mumbai. Sion’s ACP’s office is in building number-98 of Sector 7. A few buildings away from this building is the government employees’ quarter, which is also known as CGS Colony. Dada Jagdale was murdered on the night of 29 September. The body was discovered by the police in the morning on 30 September.

Clues found from CCTV footage
Along with the local police, Inspector Inderjit More of Mumbai Crime Branch also started parallel investigation. Since, the body was found in CGS Colony, we came to the conclusion that the person who put the body here belongs to a nearby area, according to Inderjit More. But there was no CCTV footage at the place where the pieces of the body were found. That is why the Crime Branch started scanning the CCTV footage outside the building. A gray colored WagonR vehicle came under the scanner. After checking his number, it turned out to be the number of private vehicle of Shivshankar Gaikwad, the driver of ACP of Sion region. When Shivshankar was investigated, it was found that that day was his holiday. His original home is in Worli, then what was he doing in Top Hill on his holiday? This question arose before the investigation team. For the answer, it was decided that his mobile location should be seen. But the mobile location was showing Worli, not Antop Hill, where the body was found.

It was written on the hand – grandfather
The matter got a bit complicated in front of the Crime Branch. In such a situation, the CDR of driver Shivshankar’s mobile was extracted. A name was found written in it – Dada. Crime Branch Inspector Inderjit More’s brain immediately lit up, that even in the two different hands found of the corpse, it was written on one hand – Dada. After this, the CDR of the number named Dada found in the mobile of driver Shivshankar was extracted. In that Dada (Jagdale) got a lot of details of calls from Shivshankar’s wife Monali. After this both Monali and Shivshankar were called for questioning. Monali told the whole story to the crime branch. It is also told that her husband Shivshankar murdered her lover Dada Jagdale in Worli’s house itself and then cut the dead body into pieces and stuffed them in bags, kept them in the car and then left in the mobile house for the purpose of misleading the police. The body was dumped in the building near the same ACP’s building where he used to work. The driver Shivshankar had taken a lot of liters of sanitizer in the car that day, so that the body could be burnt somewhere in the middle. But suddenly it started raining that day, so he could not succeed in his attempt to burn the corpse. That is why he decided to throw the body in the building near the building of ACP. On the way he was also stopped in the blockade, but he showed the police I-card and the car containing the dead body was sent without checking in the blockade.

brought wife two months ago
In the investigation of the crime branch, it was also revealed that Monali was living in Solapur, not Mumbai, for about one and a half years. She had also filed a case against her husband i.e. ACP’s driver Shivshankar under section 498. But Shivshankar somehow refused and brought his wife Monali to Mumbai two months ago, but Monali still had a soft corner for his childhood love Dada Jagdale. Forced, Shivshankar decides to end the whole story by killing Dada Jagdale. He called Dada Jagdale from Solapur to his house in Mumbai on the pretext of Monali. Drunk heavily and when he fainted, he did the same condition that Navy officer Mathew Jerram along with Maria Susiraj had done 13 years ago to Neeraj Grover.