murder crime news in hindi: Delhi Crime: ‘Lynching’ of youth on suspicion of mobile theft, thrashed badly with a rope, death – 6 arrested in youth murder case in nihal vihar delhi


  • Beaten badly by being tied with a rope, thrown on the road after death
  • After the murder, an attempt was also made to show it as a road accident.
  • Police arrested all 6 accused of murder within 8 hours
  • The accused included shop workers and vegetable sellers.

Special Correspondent, Nihal Vihar
A youth was beaten to death on suspicion of mobile theft in Nihal Vihar area. The deceased has been identified as Gagandeep. He was first caught by the accused on suspicion of theft, then tied his hands and feet with a rope. After the murder, the dead body was taken in a rickshaw and thrown on the road, so that the murder could be given the shape of a road accident. Within 8 hours the police arrested all the 6 accused in the murder case.

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According to the police, Nihal Vihar police had received a PCR call at 10:08 am on Tuesday. The caller told that the dead body is lying in a blood-soaked condition on the main road of Chander Vihar. Due to which there is a traffic jam on the road. Police immediately reached the spot. The body of a 30-year-old youth was found lying on the side of the road. Whose body had marks of injury. At first it was not recognized. But the local police found out around. Meanwhile, a woman reached there looking for the young man. After some time he was identified as Gagandeep. Gagandeep’s sister-in-law Jyoti recognized his dead body. He lived in street no 23. Investigation revealed that Gagandeep used to drive Eco van earlier.

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Was unemployed recently. Married, but wife is separated. A case was registered on the statement of sister-in-law. The woman claimed that, shortly before she came to know that Gagandeep had been thrashed to death by Jaldhar, Kishan, Munna and Shukar along with others. She was looking for Gagandeep only. In this case, Nihal Vihar police started investigation by registering a case of murder. Scrutinized the incident closely. Some eyewitnesses were interrogated. Those who told that Gangdeep was beaten up badly by half a dozen people on the suspicion of entering the hut built in the field. They suspected that the mobile phone had been stolen. When the police investigated, all the suspects were found absconding from the spot. Police teams raided and arrested the accused from different hideouts within 8 hours.

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The arrested accused have been identified as Munna Kumar, Jaldhar Kewat, Shukkar Kewat, Kishan Yadav, Ramesh Kumar, Kamal Kumar. All of them have been living in Uday Market of Nihal Vihar, Anoop’s farm in Chander Vihar for many years. All the accused are residents of Patna, Samastipur in Bihar. Munna Kumar, Ramesh, works as a polisher in a sofa factory in Chander Vihar. Jaldhar, Kamal Kumar and Shukkar sell vegetables. Kishan Yadav works in a shop. In this, Ramesh and Kamal took the dead body on a rickshaw and threw it on the road. Their motive was to make the murder a road accident. A rope used to tie the deceased, a rickshaw used to dump the dead body has been recovered from the accused.