murder in delhi’s sultanpuri area: Delhi Crime News : blind person murdered in delhi’s sultanpuri, police in search of accused

New Delhi
A blind man was murdered in Delhi’s Sultanpuri. The deceased Radhe Shyam had gone to intervene in a quarrel and the accused hit him with stones so much that he died.

The murder accused claimed that the blind woman stole Rs 20 from him after which he was having an argument, police said. Then the blind man tried to pacify the matter. During this, the accused hit him with a stone. Due to the injury, he fell on the ground after getting injured and the accused fled from there.

The incident happened on Wednesday night when the police got information that someone had attacked a blind person with a stone. On getting information, a police team reached the spot where it came to know that the injured had been taken to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital. The injured Radhe Shyam died during treatment. Radhe Shyam was a resident of Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh. DCP Parvinder Singh said, “A case of murder has been registered in the matter and search is on for the accused.”

Investigations so far have revealed that a blind woman was sleeping on the pavement. A man was sleeping next to him who suddenly woke up and started screaming and accusing the woman of stealing his 20 rupees. A quarrel broke out between the two over this matter. Then Radhe Shyam, who lives next door, reached there and started trying to convince both of them. In the meantime, she got into a scuffle with the accused. Then the accused picked up the stone and started attacking Radhe Shyam. Radhe Shyam fell on the ground after getting hurt and then the accused escaped.

The police is now scanning the CCTV footage to identify the accused. In one of the footage, the accused is also seen running. The police have also questioned many people around so that the accused can be identified.