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Saharsa Crime A dead body has been recovered by the police late night in Saharsa. The body could not be identified. A bike has also been seized from the dead body. The police have got many important clues there.

Dialogue Sutra, Sattarkataiah (Saharsa). The body of an unidentified youth was recovered by the police at around 8 pm on Thursday near the bridge on the road leading to West Sarbaria village from Bishanpur canal of Bihra police station area. The body has not been identified. The body has been sent to Sadar Hospital for post-mortem. At the same time, a bike lying in an unclaimed condition at the site of the incident has been confiscated by the police. Due to the dead body being found on the roadside, it is being feared by the common people that there may be death in a road accident. As soon as the information was received, the Bihar Police reached the spot, took the dead body in their possession, the people of the neighboring village got the body identified, but no one could identify the deceased youth. After taking departmental action at the site of the incident, it was sent to Sadar Hospital for post-mortem. SHO Pramod Jha told that efforts are on to get the identity of the deceased youth. The exact details of the incident will be known only after identification.