Naidunia Letter to editor who taught the culture of language to three generations

There is a long tradition of letter writing in New Zealand. From its first issue till today, this newspaper not only spoke its own words, but also gave space to the general public to express their views. This place was – ‘Letters to the Editor’s Name’. Naiduniya made the general public a letter writer and letter writers a well established writer. And those who became writers, then many of them joined newspapers and reached prestigious positions like editor. It was the specialty of Naiduniya that it taught the culture of language to three generations.

Thanks to NewDuniya for connecting us with writing

Jawahar Dosi ‘Piyush’ Mahidpur, Ujjain

Soon ‘Naiduniya’ became an experienced of 74 years. It has been 51 years since I joined this and wrote. When my first letter was printed on July 13, 70, I believed that the pen was valued. It happened that at the time of implementation of nationalization of Ujjain to Mahidpur road route, private bus owners had appealed in the court. Then the MP State Transport Corporation had promised in its favor that it would provide all the facilities to the passengers, which private buses provide. At that time, even after nine years, the buses soured, the services were bad, the facilities were negligible. Money started costing more. Some officials came from Agar and a bus was taken out from the depot specifically to measure the kilometer. The fare was reduced by making a Panchnama after finding 18 kilometers in it. All this was made possible by the publication of the letter in Naiduniya. After this, on October 12, 2003, I was not happy because on that day the table of songs of Kishore Kumar, the letter in the audience gallery column, the correction of the issue focused on Kishore Kumar in the film culture weekly, the letter on the name of Sunday and Lata Mangeshkar My name was printed as a comment on the published subject matter. Thanks to Naiduniya for keeping us engaged with writing through letter writing.

Posted By: Prashant Pandey

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