Neeraj Dhanetwal made a career through social media.

Initially, Neeraj did not know that he would get so much success in this field. Neeraj started this work jokingly but now he has also started earning money from this work.

Neeraj Dhanetwal is from Delhi city Neeraj joined Facebook in 2010 and he was also using it just for entertainment like other people. But Neeraj started exploring the N platform with entertainment. While doing this, his interest came in en things and starting from a small Facebook page, today Neeraj has reached more than 50 million audience through Facebook and Instagram media. Neeraj has also become a blogger, web designer and has created many websites so far.

Neeraj did not know in the beginning that he would get so much success in this field.
But Neeraj has not made this work his career now. Along with his work, he is also completing his studies.

Along with his school education, he gained knowledge by studying about blogging website traffic management, search engine optimization, personal branding and digital marketing at home. With his hard work and dedication, he became a successful content creator.

Neeraj is running 40-50 Facebook pages from work. It worked very hard to make Facebook pages, it made many pages day and night by taking the knowledge of all of them and people started liking its content, then they also made pages on Instagram feet and that too now their more than 10-20 million. is the audience.

He has also completed his graduation in his studies and is thinking of doing higher studies.

They also created their own website which is registered on platform like Facebook Google.
Millions of people like the content of both every day.