Never Take These Type Of Money Leads You To Loss Of Respect Chanakya Niti

Acharya Chanakya believes that it is better to give up the wealth for which a person has to bear the torture.

The policies of the great economist Acharya Chanakya are considered relevant even in today’s time. Chanakya ji, on the strength of his policies, destroyed the Nanda dynasty and made a simple child Chandragupta Maurya the emperor of Magadha. Acharya Chanakya had an in-depth understanding of not only politics but almost every subject. The great intellectual and strategist Acharya Chanakya is famous all over the world for his intelligence. Chanakya ji had composed a ethics to guide the society. That is why even today it is believed that a person who follows the policies of Chanakya, never has to face difficulties in life and lives a happy life with his family.

Chanakya ji has told about such wealth in his ethics, which by touching his hand used to harm the honor and respect of a person. Know what Chanakya Niti says-

Renunciation of Virtue: Chanakya It is said that one should avoid earning such wealth, for which they have to give up virtue. Because money earned through fraud, neither is useful in your bad times. Also, due to this, your honor and respect get damaged. That is why Chanakya ji believes that one should avoid earning money by giving up virtue.

Enemy flattery: Acharya Chanakya considers such wealth as useless, which has been earned by flattering the enemy. Because by getting such money man always has to be humiliated. Therefore, it is considered appropriate to give up such money.

suffered torture: Acharya Chanakya It is believed that it is better to give up the wealth for which a person has to bear the torture. Because to earn such money, you have to suffer physical and mental suffering, seeing which your family is very sad.