Our Indian Culture And Its Improtance

The truth is that our own negative thinking is taking us away from our culture.

In the pursuit of hiding our weakness, we start calling the culture of other country or say their living, food and speech good and bad and that too at that time, when they hurt us and our loved ones. Have arrived In bitter words, we can say that due to lack of knowledge of our own culture, we have given place to the culture of other countries in our life. It is our weakness that we could not recognize our culture or rather we could not give it a place in our life. The reason for this is also clear like a mirror that we are not able to transfer our culture to our children as a heritage and that is why it is slowly disappearing from our lifestyle.

Our culture is now becoming a subject of discovery by becoming history. There is also a truth that till date most of the historical discoveries have been done on our culture. The people of the West spread the culture of their country and brought it to the masses in such a way that it has now become a part of the daily routine of the common man. Like good morning in speech, bread in food and night suit in wearing. Because of this routine our body, speech and mind are getting impure. Who do you think is really to blame? We speak well of western culture to hide our faults and weaknesses.

Do we and you have a right to say that? Are we not showing our negative thinking by doing this? The truth is that our own negative thinking is taking us away from our culture and it is also certain that if we still do not wake up for the promotion and protection of our culture, then in the coming times our own family, Even the name of the society and the country will not remain, it will remain only a matter of discovery. As much time as we spend in telling western culture good and bad, if we spend as much time in taking our culture to family, society and country, then even today we will be able to give our culture to the coming generation. Leaving negative thinking and moving forward with positive thinking will definitely lead to success.

It is a great truth that if we get knowledge of our culture, then it will not take even a moment for us to leave western culture. In order to know our culture, we have to know our own food, habits and habits. We need to know what words we should use instead of hi-hello for mutual communication. All this is like the foundation of the building of Indian culture.

Muni Pujya Sagar