Padmasri Bhuri Bai brand ambassador of Culture Department Carried bricks in Bharat Bhavan

– Bharat Bhavan 39th Foundation Day Celebrations
– PS said – this is the real celebrity of the society
– Made brand ambassador of culture department

Bhopal. The 39th Foundation Day celebrations of Bharat Bhavan began on Saturday. Bhil painter Padmashree Bhuri Bai was the chief guest of the ceremony. Bhuri Bai used to work here in 1981-82 at the time of construction of Bharat Bhavan. Announcing him as the brand ambassador of the Culture Department, Principal Secretary, Culture Department, Shivshekhar Shukla said that I will take a selfie with him today. This is a matter of pride for me.


Bhuri Bai’s eyes lit up

Bhuri Bai’s eyes lit up as PS took the selfie. Seeing this, Padmashree Pill Tiwari standing nearby smiled. PS Shukla told the audience that Bhuri Bai is a real celebrity representing the rich tradition of art and culture in MP. More and more people should take selfie with them. So that everyone can be motivated by it. Bhuri Bai got emotional while giving a statement on this occasion. He said that I used to live in a hut. She used to come to Bharat Bhavan with rotis in her bag from her house and used to eat sitting under the tree here. I am thankful to Swaminathan ji, who made me a painter from a laborer. He understood and guided my art. She told that today I have come here wearing the same traditional dress, which she used to wear while working here.


give everyone a chance
Folk art penetrator Padmashree Dr. Kapil Tiwari said that even in a scary environment like Corona, we are celebrating life here. Man’s attachment to life is very great. When I started working in the Department of Culture, I had neither understanding nor learning. But learned all by working relentlessly, listening to, watching and being with the creators. We have to get out of our comfort zone. Art is not rich or poor, it is a matter of talent. I am both hesitant and happy to be a guest, because I have been a participant in the Bharat Bhavan visit.