Pakistan T20 World Cup 2021 kit unveiled by PCB India written on jersey logo

Pakistan T20 World Cup 2021kit: Pakistan’s team is also ready for the T20 World Cup starting from October 17. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has released the new jersey of its team. The special thing is that India is written on this jersey, that is, the players of Pakistan will enter the field with the jersey written in India even if they do not want to. Actually, Pakistan had released its team’s new jersey earlier this month. Then the jersey had ‘ICC Men’s T20 World Cup UAE’ written on it. The Indian Cricket Board took objection to this. Eventually Pakistan had to bow down and now issued a new jersey, which reads ‘ICC Men’s T20 World Cup India’.

That’s why INDIA is written on every team’s jersey

BCCI is the host of this time’s T20 Cricket World Cup. All these matches were to be held in India, but this could not happen due to the Corona epidemic. Later BCCI and ICC together decided that these matches should be held in UAE. In this way only the venue of the matches changed, but the host BCCI remained. This is the reason why a logo is going on every team’s jersey, on which ‘ICC Men’s T20 World Cup India’ is written.

Pakistan had to issue new jersey

Earlier in the month, pictures of Pakistani players’ jerseys had surfaced on social media, but India was not mentioned on it. It is said that India lodged a strong objection on this. Eventually the Pakistan Cricket Board had to issue a new jersey. watch video below

The ICC T20 tournament is starting from 17 October. The much-awaited high-octane clash between India and Pakistan will take place in Dubai on October 24.

Let us tell you, the Pakistan Cricket Board is going through a bad phase right now. First New Zealand refused to play. Then England. Recently, there has been a statement of PCB chairman Rameez Raja, in which he was saying that Pakistan can destroy cricket if India wants, because in a way cricket activities are being done here only with India’s money. Click here to read full news

Posted By: Arvind Dubey