Police Claim: Friend Was Driving Car, Not CI’s Son

– Death of a young man riding a moped in a high-speed luxury car, three injured

The speeding luxury car that killed a young man riding a moped near a private hospital in Sunthala under Chaupasni Housing Board police station was not being driven by police inspector Zulfikar Ali’s son, but his friend. The police made this claim after questioning two youths present in the car. After the accident, the people present had protested, suspecting the police inspector’s son of driving the car negligently.
According to SHO Likhmaram Batesar, DIG Firoz Khan Colony resident Saddakat Ali (30) son Sardar Ali was standing near Ibrahim Market in Sunthala at 11.30 pm on Thursday night with a moped. A luxury car that came from Chaupasni’s side due to high speed and carelessness hit him. The car also rammed another motorcycle and handcarts. Moped rider Sadaqat Ali and three other youths were seriously injured. The police took him to Mathuradas Mathur Hospital, where doctors declared Sadaqat Ali brought dead. Mohd Farooq son Mohammad Salim resident of Pal Road Rajiv Gandhi Colony, Vinod Kumar son of Ishwardas Sindhi resident of Chauhabo Sector 16 and Jeetu son Rajkumar Sindhi resident of Sector 9 are admitted in MDM Hospital.
Friend turned driver in interrogation
Police Inspector Zulfikar Ali’s 17-year-old 10-month-old son, his friends Afroz and Arjit were in the car. In the night, the police got all three of them medically examined with a breath enhancer and medical in the hospital. Intoxication was not confirmed in this. When the police interrogated the three separately, it came to light that Afroz was driving the car. Now the police is also trying to confirm from the CCTV footage.
had brought the car
Police say that the car in which the accident took place belongs to a friend of CI Zulfikar’s brother-in-law. All three had brought the car. At 11.30 pm, they went from the sawmill towards Chaupasni and from there they were returning towards the sawmill after taking a U-turn.
Airbags open on hitting the divider
According to the police, the driver was driving the luxury car at a very high speed. The car jumped on the jump near Sunthala and then hit the divider. Due to this, the driver could not see the road ahead due to the airbag opening. The uncontrollable car hit the carts with mopeds and motorcycles.
FIR against unknown driver
The brother of the deceased Sadaqat Naaz Mohammad has registered a case against the unknown car driver at Chauhabo police station. Earlier, the relatives of the deceased protested outside the mortuary of MDM Hospital. After the assurance of the police, they agreed to take the body.
‘My son was not driving the car at the time of the road accident. Independent action should be taken against whoever turns out to be the culprit in the police investigation.
Zulfikar Ali, Police Inspector Jodhpur.