Police seized 10 firecracker silencers bikes

Bhilai. In the city, due to the sudden sound of firecrackers, many times people are walking on the road in a ruckus to disturb the people walking on the road and creating panic among the people of the place where they pass by. After receiving continuous complaints, on the instructions of SSP Meena, the police has now started tightening the noose. In this episode, the police have taken action to confiscate bullets with 10 modified silencers by running a checking campaign. After the seizure action, the relatives of the drivers were also called to get the vehicle released and they were advised not to do this again and to pressurize their children not to ride fast bikes.

It is noteworthy that due to overcrowding during Navratri festival, SP Durg BN Meena had directed the traffic police including the police of all the police stations to improve the traffic system. During this, action was asked to check speed, modified silencers and fast horn bikes and their drivers by checking. The police took challan action against many bikers by running an intensive checking campaign. During this, the Traffic Durg Police, including Bhatti and Bhilai Nagar Police, together on Wednesday launched a special campaign against modified bikes, modified silencers, stunt bikers, speeding bikers, drivers driving without number vehicles. action taken.
The police station woke up after the meeting regarding the traffic system

Senior Superintendent of Police Durg BN Meena had called a meeting to improve the traffic system of Durg and Bhilai city. In this meeting, he expressed displeasure over the traffic disorder. He said that strict action should be taken against such drivers who cause road accidents and problems for common citizens. After this the TI of all the police stations woke up. In-charge traffic zone Bhilai Bharti Markam, police station in-charge Bhilai Nagar ML Shukla, station in-charge Bhilai Bhatti Brijesh Kushwaha by running a special campaign in their respective zone areas and taking action against 19 drivers, their vehicles have been confiscated.
Police appealed to the people

Durg Police has appealed to the people not to drive under the influence of alcohol. All the parents have been requested not to allow their children to drive the vehicle by modifying the vehicle. Refrain from driving high speed vehicles, otherwise action will be taken to seize such vehicles by the traffic and police station. Not only this, fine is being collected under the new Motor Vehicle Act, for which the accountable himself will be.
Seeking cooperation from common people

The Senior Superintendent of Police has also appealed to the common people to cooperate. He said that if anyone around or in front of him is seen driving a speeding, cracker bike or bike without number, then he can make a video of him and send information through WhatsApp on the number 9479192029 given below. Taking cognizance of his message, the police will take action.

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