raipur crime news friend beat his own partner for alcohol | Said to a fellow walking in the locality – today you will drink alcohol, if you refuse, then you beat the young man with a hard blow.

Raipur2 hours ago

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An FIR has been registered against the youth at Urla police station.  file photo.  - Dainik Bhaskar

An FIR has been registered against the youth at Urla police station. file photo.

Alcohol addiction has made two friends enemies of each other. The matter got so bad that both of them started beating each other. Now in this case, the police of Urla police station has registered an FIR against a young man. The miscreant has fled after beating his own friend. The investigation team of the police station is looking for him in this case.

The complaint has been made by a youth named Rajendra Sahu. Rajendra, who works as a tile fitting by profession, told that on Sunday night he was taking a walk after having food near his house. Then his friend Vaibhav Sharma came at that time. Vaibhav said that today you will drink alcohol. Hearing this, Rajendra refused. An argument started between the two about this matter, Rajendra refused to give liquor to Vaibhav Sharma, then Rajendra demanded to give money. On refusing this too, Vaibhav started abusing him. Vaibhav Sharma hit Rajendra’s face with his stern. He also suffered injuries on his head.

He slammed his own partner by cheating in wages
Another case of assault reached Khamtrai police station on Monday. Ishwar Nishad, a laborer by profession, told the police that he and one of his associates, Arjun, work under a contractor named Dharam Dheevar. Arjuna accused Ishwar that God had taken his share of wages from Dharam to Himself. There was a dispute between the two regarding the matter of returning the money. God claimed that he did not take any money. In anger, Arjuna picked up the god and slammed him. He has suffered a head injury. Now in this case, the police is investigating the claims of both the parties by taking a complaint.

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