Raipur Market News Cars bikes houses and land were also sold fiercely in Navratri

Raipur Market News: Raipur(Naiduniya Representative). In Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, the market was a bit sluggish last year due to Corona, but this year the market started buzzing as soon as Navratri started. From the first day of Navratri to the ninth, the speed of cars and two-wheelers was tremendous. On the other hand, compared to Navratri last year, the sale of houses and land has increased by 25 percent. Traders say that seeing this, it can be said with certainty that Diwali is going to be more bang.

Traders say that people took advantage of the offers given by the companies. There is a complete festive atmosphere in the market now. The biggest reason for this is that more and more vaccinations have happened. At the same time, the continuous reduction of the effect of corona is also a good thing and due to this the enthusiasm in the market has increased.

More than four thousand two wheelers and more than thousand cars were sold

In these nine days of Navratri alone, more than four thousand two wheelers and more than one thousand cars were sold in the capital Raipur alone. Also there is tremendous booking for Pushya Nakshatra, Dhanteras and Deepawali. Automobile traders also say that consumers should book their favorite vehicle from now on. At present, along with attractive discounts by companies, lowest down payment and 90 percent finance facility is available.

20 percent more houses and land sold

In Navratri, the purchase of houses and plots for themselves by the consumers was also done tremendously. It is being told that this sale is 20 percent more than last year. These days the home loan interest rates of banks are also very low. Also attractive discounts and gifts are being given by the builders. At the same time, giving more convenience in the least budget. This year the sale of ready-to-possession houses and plots has increased.

Textile market was also buzzing

Although people have been in the textile market for a long time, but during these nine days of Navratri, the entire market was buzzing. From the establishments of Malviya Road to the Pandri cloth market and malls shops, there was a lot of shopping. New collections and offers were also given according to the festive season in the textile market to woo the customers.

Increased subscription in bullion

Recently, gold had gone below the level of 48 thousand. At the same time, the prices of silver had also come down to Rs 62 thousand per kg. As both the precious metals declined, their demand increased in the market and due to the increased demand in the international market as well as in the market, the prices of gold and silver increased. Crowds also started gathering in bullion institutions.

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Real estate up 20% from last year

In Navratri, consumers buy houses and plots of their choice. Compared to the previous year, the sales were 25 percent higher. Right now the cost of building materials is increasing, so after Diwali, the prices of projects in real estate will also increase. – Anand Singhania, National Vice President, National Credai

Take advantage of offers

This year in Navratri, consumers shopped fiercely for their favorite cars and two wheelers. Attractive offers were given by companies considering their benefits. Also, lowest down payment and up to 90 percent finance facility was also available. – Kailash Khemani, Board Member, Rada

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