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UP News: The stand of the government and administration has become very strict in the matter of conversion. Due to which the teams of UP ATS are also raiding the suspects continuously to destroy this racket spread across the country. After it has been revealed that people associated with the racket of conversion are promoting the activities of conversion (UP Me Dharmantaran Mamla) by marrying non-Muslim women.

List of people arrested so far related to this racket

UP ATS is continuously in active role to destroy the racket of conversion spread in the country. In this context, continuous raids of UP ATS are going on. So far 15 people associated with the racket of conversion have been arrested by UP ATS, in which Umar Gautam, Maulana Kalim Siddiqui, Rameshwar Kawade alias Adam alias Bhupia Bandon alias Ashlan, Mustafa Kaushar Alam, Hafiz Idrish Mohammad Saleem, Dheeraj Jagtap of Maharashtra are prominent. .

The method of conversion has been revealed

According to information received by News Track in this context, UP ATS had raided four places related to Maulana Kalim in the past, in which Ali Jafri, a member of Maulana, was also arrested. A mobile phone was recovered from him by UP ATS. On investigation, it was revealed that Sarfaraz used to work in Kalim’s firm. After marrying, then pressure is made on him to convert to religion. The complete details of which were also sent to Maulana Umar Gautam.

Change of religion takes place under the guise of Humanity for All Delhi organization

According to UP ATS chief GK Goswami, the accused Sarfaraz Ali was looking after the work of Global Peace Center in Delhi, which is an organization of Maulana Kalim. It was going on smoothly. In which there is evidence that these people used to choose non-Muslim women and girls for conversion.

Those who join the racket are first trained

Information is being received that new youth are being added to promote conversion in the country. Then they are also trained on how to win the hearts of non-Muslim women. The people associated with this racket also do recce of those houses for months. They also do complete information about the house in which they have to carry out their plan of conversion. Just a few months ago, a man associated with this racket in Chhattisgarh, by trapping a non-Muslim woman in his net. He brought Chaubia to his village in Etawah district of the state. Then the pressure of conversion started on that non-Muslim woman. But when that non-Muslim woman ran away one night and told her story to Etawah SSP. Then the SSP arrested that young man and saved this racket of illegal conversion and that non-Muslim woman.

In this case too, this woman from Chhattisgarh told that this young man named Safiq had come to work at her house posing as Ramesh, when the members of the house were not at home. Then he trapped the victim non-Muslim woman in the web of his words. He was driven away and brought to his village Etawa. Training is also given on how to entice a non-Muslim woman or young woman in the web of her words.