Religion News Indore Baba Ranjits court gives food to the hungry by the donation of Anna of the devotees

Ramkrishna Mulay, Indore (Naiduniya), Religion News Indore. In the Ranjit Hanuman temple located in the west area of ​​the city, the hungry get food from the donations of the devotees. For the past six years, the food sector is being operated here by the donations of the devotees. Every day more than 500 people satisfy their hunger with free roti-vegetables and lentils-rice. Here devotees help in food service in the memory of birthdays, wedding anniversaries, elders along with raw ration materials like pulses, rice, ghee, oil, vegetables etc.

For this, two types of amount are taken for one day’s food. The first amount of Rs 2551 in which food of roti-sabzi and dal rice is provided. Apart from this, puri, vegetables, lentils and rice and halwa or kheer are prepared in the food on behalf of that family on giving an amount of seven thousand 51 rupees. The 12-member staff of the temple starts preparing the food from eight in the morning. After the food is ready by 11 pm, Bhog is offered to Baba Ranjit. After this the meal service starts which lasts till around 3 pm. Temple priest Dipesh Vyas says that since 2015, the food sector is being operated in the temple. Till now there has never been a need to buy ration material for the food sector. With the inspiration of the people of Bhakta Mandal, devotees donate ration material for the food sector. Ration for three and a half months is always in stock for the food sector. The amount given by the devotees for the food area is also used in the development works of the temple. Apart from the temple of Baba Ranjit in the temple complex spread over four and a half acres, there are two parking places besides Ram Darbar, Shiva family, priest and employee residence. The temple is 132 years old. It was founded by the founder priest Bholaram Vyas. Earlier Baba was seated in the temple built of Teen Shed. Gradually, after many major development works, the temple has developed into a center of great faith of the devotees.

Inspired people, distributed five lakh masks

Before the Corona curfew in April, five lakh masks were distributed by Ranjit Hanuman Temple. For this, stalls were set up by the temple management committee at nine places in the city. These include outside the temple, Footi Kothi square, Mahunaka square, Bada Ganapati square, Malharganj, Krishnapura Chhatri, Geeta Bhawan, Agrasen square etc. During this, people were also told about the benefits of wearing masks.

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