road accident cases: car hit rickshaw first later tempo one died 3 injured in accident

Special Correspondent, New Delhi
The speeding car first hit the rickshaw, due to which the person sitting in it dragged for some distance. The car stopped after hitting a small tempo coming from the front, but the tempo overturned. One person died in the accident, while three were injured.

DCP (East) Priyanka Kashyap said that the rickshaw rider who died in the accident was identified as Naval Kumar Yadav (30), a resident of Yamuna Bank Depot slum. Car driver Manoj Sharma, rickshaw driver Sanjeev Yadav and tempo driver Rampreet Das were injured. Police is investigating the accident.
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Police officers said that at around 11 am on Monday, Shakarpur police station received an accident call. Eyewitnesses said that the speeding car had hit someone on the flyover as well. While driving in error, he hit a rickshaw in front of Yamuna Bank depot. Due to this, Sanjeev Yadav (40) driving the rickshaw and that rider Naval Kumar Yadav went on dragging with the car for a long distance. The car driver could not control and directly hit a tempo. The tempo overturned.

Tempo driver Rampreet Das (35) was injured in this accident. He is a resident of Rampura. Car driver Manoj Sharma himself was also badly injured, who was caught while trying to escape. He is a resident of Noida Sector-11. Presently he is undergoing treatment at GTB Hospital. Eyewitnesses claim that liquor bottles have also been recovered from inside the car. However, the police have not confirmed this. The car was badly damaged in the accident. The police is checking the surrounding CCTV footage.

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Investigation revealed that the deceased along with the Naval family lived in the slums of Yamuna Bank. The family consists of wife, two daughters and a son. The age of the children is between 4 and 7 years. Naval used to make a living by working as a laborer. The police have taken possession of the vehicles which were damaged in the accident. All documents are being checked.