Saturday, 9 October tarot rashifal in hindi by pranita deshmukh, daily horoscope in hindi, shaniwar ka rashifal | Aries sign people may have to work harder on Saturday, Cancer sign people may get necessary help.

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  • Know how the day of October 9 can be for your zodiac according to tarot cards

On Saturday, October 9, Aries sign people may have to work harder, due to which problems may increase. Cancer sign people can get their work done with the help they need. Know from tarot card reader Pranita Deshmukh how the day of October 9 can be for all the 12 zodiac signs…


There is a need to work from a distance thinking. For now, you have to work with more hard work and dedication. People will not be able to understand what you have spoken, due to this there may be trouble. If you stick to your resolve, then the work can be completed.

career Business related people are likely to get more than one job.

Love Due to increasing busyness, you will not be able to spend time with your partner, this can be a matter of concern for you.

Health Positive changes will be seen in health, reduce the intake of fried and spicy food.

lucky color : Yellow

lucky number : 4


You will feel restless due to disputes with people, but avoid getting into trouble with people right now. Keep working on your goal. The financial side will remain strong, expenses may increase.

career Due to the increasing competition, try to make yourself the best. Don’t let the tension build up.

Love The insistence on winning in the ongoing quarrels with the partner can be harmful.

Health The problem related to piles will start decreasing.

lucky color : White

lucky number : 1


It will be possible to turn the thought into reality. You can get things you want. Will power will remain strong, work can be completed according to the mind. Anxiety may persist because of future thoughts. Time is on its side at the moment, use it as much as possible.

career There is a need to bring innovation in work, only then can one get financial benefits.

Love There may be a meeting with an ex-lover, due to which mental tension may increase.

Health : You need to pay attention to your diet.

lucky color : Green

lucky number : 6

Cancer – Page of CUPS

You will get help related to the problem for which you had to suffer in finding a solution. You will start getting stuck money. The inflow of money will be less, but due to not spending much, you will be able to focus on investment.

career To bring about a proper career change, you need to have an overview of how your competitors are doing.

Love You may be ignored by the person you were feeling attracted to, but there is also a possibility of a relationship with this person in the future.

Health Acidity and digestion related problems will start reducing.

lucky color : rose

lucky number : 8


You will be lost in thoughts while starting any big work. Work-related trouble will be given more consideration. Your enthusiasm may be low. Afternoon will be the right time to do important work.

career : You will get credit and benefit due to not talking properly with people. Try to improve mutual relations.

Love Do not change major decisions due to ongoing disputes with your partner.

Health : Leg pain and muscle twitching may be felt.

lucky color : Purple

lucky number : 2


Try to make your art the best. There will be some new experiences while doing the work entrusted to you. It is necessary to control your language, otherwise even small disputes can make enemies for you.

career Job seekers can get a higher post. Ego can grow with confidence.

Love You will be more involved in your work, due to this you will not be able to pay attention to relationship or married life.

Health The efforts made to bring about a change in health can be appreciated.

lucky color : Red

lucky number : 7


Good news can be received from a person located abroad. The inflow of money will be seen increasing. Fear can arise due to sudden increase in family responsibility. Along with this, guidance will not be available from family members. Do not do money related transactions with close people.

career Work will have its ups and downs. Business people may feel a little negativity, but you are in the right business, so do not give up on minor problems.

Love Conflicts will continue between partners, but sweetness will remain in the relationship.

Health Hemoglobin and blood related problems may increase.

lucky color : Orange

lucky number : 3


It is necessary to stabilize yourself financially, so do not look at the sufferings you have to face in a negative way. Try to know your own problems as well as other people’s problems.

career People related to interior and construction must take advance before starting work.

Love Misunderstandings with the partner can increase due to lack of communication.

Health Increasing weight and swelling coming on the body will be a matter of concern.

lucky color : Red

lucky number : 5

Sagittarius – ACE OF WANDS

If you make harmony in the matter of your problems, then new ideas can be received. Staying positive will not allow you to lose your faith even in difficult situations. A situation that will test your sobriety may arise.

career You will feel stability in matters related to career.

Love If you do not take relationship matters seriously, then problems can increase for you.

Health Indigestion may occur.

lucky color : Blue

lucky number : 9

Capricorn – KNIGHT OF CUPS

Think about your colleagues as well, while helping people, keep your self-esteem in mind as well. Your nature can be misused. While giving help related to money, definitely examine the need of the person.

career : Students who want to try for higher education, they have to get more information related to the course.

Love Partners will accept their mistakes by being themselves and their behavior will be seen changing as per your expectation.

Health Hormonal imbalance or thyroid problems may occur.

lucky color : Green

lucky number : 6


The effect of the energy of good people is more visible on you. You have to make more efforts to maintain your positivity. If there is a dispute going on with the family members, then do not take decisions by being emotional.

career People associated with the marketing sector may suffer due to pressure from senior executives.

Love Due to the love relationship made with the wrong person, there will be financial loss, as well as emotional loss.

Health Do not ignore the advice of the doctor, otherwise health problems will increase.

lucky color : Yellow

Lucky Number: 5


Lost opportunity can be regretted. Don’t overlook the new opportunity. You will have to take responsibility for the important works. It is wrong to blame someone else for your failure. Because of this, negativity can arise in someone’s mind for you.

career People associated with the media sector will get a big job with the help of an acquaintance.

Love : Avoid comparing partner with ex-lover.

Health There may be stiffness in the shoulders and pain in the body.

lucky color : White

lucky number : 1

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