Saturday, October 16, tarot rashifal in hindi by pranita deshmukh, saniwar ka rashifal, daily horoscope | The negativity of Taurus people can end on Saturday, Virgo people should not trust anyone too much.

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  • Know how the day of October 16 can be for you with tarot cards

As per the Tarot Cards, on Saturday, October 16, Aries sign people may have to wait in their works. The negativity of Taurus sign people can end. Virgo sign people should avoid trusting anyone too much. Know from tarot card reader Pranita Deshmukh how the day of October 16 will be for you…


Many things may have to wait. Good news will be received about someone close to you living abroad. Your determination will be firm because of the events happening today. It may be possible for you to clearly articulate the things that you have suppressed in your mind.

career Try to bring appropriate changes in career related decisions. For this, some work may have to be started again.

Love Have patience for partner and relationship.

Health Give complete rest to the body, try to complete the sleep.

lucky color : Red

lucky number : 7

Taurus – THE WORLD

The effect of negative energy will start to end. You need to work on yourself spiritually. You will also see a change in your work. Because of you, people around will get happiness.

career It may be possible for you to achieve a big goal related to your work.

Love : Love proposal can be received from the desired person. It will be easy to convert this proposal into marriage.

Health Maintain balance in health. The effect of health related problems will be less.

lucky color : Orange

lucky number : 3


A mistake can happen due to not working carefully. Mistakes will not cause harm, but may be regretted. You need to test your nature and thoughts. Proceed thoughtfully.

career : There may be more than one career path. You need to increase your focus.

Love Due to the nature of the partner, ignoring many things can cause a big problem.

Health There will be abdominal pain and gas related discomfort.

lucky color : Blue

lucky number : 4


Old things can be discussed with a person again, due to this your confidence may decrease. If you control your emotions, you will be able to stabilize yourself. Make a list of important tasks and try to complete them as quickly as possible.

career Discipline is needed to achieve the target. Unless you have confidence in yourself, it will be difficult to bring discipline.

Love The person for whom you are feeling the attraction, that person will also start feeling the attraction towards you.

Health To maintain balance in health, take the help of Ayurveda, along with making appropriate changes in the diet.

lucky color : White

lucky number : 5


A plan can be made with family and friends, but to implement it, relations with each individual need to be improved. It will be necessary to focus on selected tasks.

career Work related to real estate and property will not see immediate gains, but the future may be bright.

Love Discuss properly with the family members, then only you will be able to take proper decisions related to marriage.

Health Allergies related to the skin may arise.

lucky color : rose

lucky number : 1


Putting too much trust in people and expecting too much can lead to misery. Either lower your expectations, or try to communicate your expectations in the right way. Only then can some things happen according to your wish.

career Change of job can be difficult. Also try to understand what they expect of you when joining a new team.

Love Blaming the partner in everything and not performing the responsibilities related to the relationship properly can cause problems.

Health Work carefully, there is a possibility of getting hit on the head.

lucky color : Yellow

lucky number : 6


You will be able to work according to your ability in the right way. Be patient, otherwise wrong decision can be taken. Be aware of your own mistakes. You will be able to work by taking care that these mistakes do not happen again in life.

career Due to the responsibility being given to the youth, it will be possible to promote new skills.

Love Relationship: The relationship will gradually progress as you expect.

Health There may be lack of blood in the body. Be sure to consult a doctor.

lucky color : Purple

Lucky Number: 2


You will get a chance to spend time with family members. Unnecessary expenses will start coming down. Avoid investing large amounts of money. You can get acquainted with such people for the work you need trustworthy people.

career The business class can get a large amount of profit. Along with your own business, it will also be possible to invest in someone else’s business.

Love There may be pressure from the family to take a decision related to marriage, but unless your mind is prepared, do not go ahead with the decision.

Health Elderly people will suffer from cold and cough.

lucky color : gray

lucky number : 9


You are proficient in some things, but you still need to learn a lot. It is necessary to make yourself better by your own efforts. Sit in solitude and think about your problem.

career You are working hard according to your ability, but think about how smart work can be done.

Love Due to new acquaintance with a person, positivity will be seen in the relationship.

Health Hormonal imbalance and thyroid problems can occur.

lucky color : Green

lucky number : 8

Capricorn – THE MOON

The company of the wrong people can affect you. Those people to whom you are attracted by seeing money and prestige, there is a possibility of your loss due to those people. Do not misuse the rights given to you.

career Due to the interference of many people at the place of work, your work can be spoiled.

Love : Increasing interference of third person will create dispute among partners.

Health Apathy and depression may be felt.

lucky color : rose

lucky number : 3

Aquarius – THE STAR

It will be possible to make appropriate changes in lifestyle. The benefits of the work done in solitude will be more visible. Don’t discuss with more people until the tasks are done. The more you discuss with people, the more you can get distracted from work.

Career : You will receive an offer to do business in two different ways.

Love Trying to improve your life as well as the life of your partner will be successful.

Health : Pay attention to the diet. Health will be fine.

lucky color : White

lucky number : 9


With hard work and dedication, you will be able to make impossible things possible. The dream which was not being fulfilled by you for many years, the dedication towards it will be seen increasing and guidance of right people will also be easily available to make the work happen.

career : You will get a high position in place of work, but avoid ego. Do not change behavior with coworkers.

Love Do not use harsh words by partner.

Health Knee pain will be there.

lucky color : Red

lucky number : 7

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