Sharidya Navratri 2021 Maa Kushmanda Katha Nav Durga Navratri 2021

The fourth form of mother is ‘Kushmanda’. ‘Ku’ means small, ‘Ushma’ means heat energy. Egg shape. That is, Kushmanda literally means- ‘small and oval energy body’.

Mother is called Shakti. Power is the name of the ability to do work:- (power=work/time). The law of physics is that the higher the energy, the more work will be done. In short, by worshiping Shakti (Durga) or by cultivating energy, you become energized (or energetic). Some shakt worshipers do not even move after the installation of the urn. If you have studied physics, then you can understand that they are increasing their potential energy by stopping the dissipation of their kinetic energy… even if they themselves are not aware of it. Therefore, this whole cultivation process becomes successful when you do it with the right understanding. If you are doing pomp in the name of sadhna only, then you will get the same result as by taking any medicine in any quantity without diet. To say that there will be no result is not scientific-wise because when we spend some energy, it must be converted into some other form (law of conservation of energy). Keep in mind that mantras are called ‘potent sound energy’. Without going into these in detail, let us understand the fourth form of mother from this point of view:-

The fourth form of mother is ‘Kushmanda’. ‘Ku’ means small, ‘Ushma’ means heat energy. The egg is an oval shape. That is, Kushmanda literally means- ‘small and oval energy body’. Notice that this symbolizes our heart state. This form is also a symbol of ‘the universe is formed from the body’. It is assured that due to the origin of the universe, the mother’s name is Kushmanda: “Kutsit: heat trividhatapayutah samsaraah, sa egg meat musclemudarupayayan yasya: sa kushmanda.” The above verse means in simple words – “the three-fold-heated world whose Located inside, she is called Bhagwati Kushmanda.” That is, because of the origin of the universe, she is Kushmanda. So, on this day special worship of Kushmanda Devi is done to travel from the pind to the universe.

Here the seeker is in the middle of his sadhana, on the bridge. In this, the focus of the seeker is on the heart element (Anahata Chakra), whose basic element is fire. See here that this basic element (fire) is also heat. From the point of view of literal-sadhana or sound-sadhana, the mantra of worship of Mother Kushmanda is – “Kushmanda: aim hri devai namah vande wanchit kamarthe chandradhakritshekharam. Sinhrudha Octabhuja Kushmanda Yashaswinim” For worship, it is believed that on the day of Chaturthi, the Naivedya of Malpua should be offered and then it should be given to a qualified Brahmin. The meaning of giving here is symbolic. There is a chakra on the heart, so it is symbolized that you should practice giving. Your heart should not rejoice in receiving, but in giving. The pundits recognized this action as ‘apoorva charity’ and recognized the removal of all kinds of obstacles. The symbol is that if the heart is practiced to ‘give’ instead of ‘take’, then there will be no tension or sorrow. Giving is expansion and that is work.

In this way, what is more important than the ritual is how prepared you are internally. The biggest thing is that do you even understand what is ‘Kushmanda’… what is sadhana and where are you reaching the truth?