Shine City Fraud : Shine City Company Varanasi Crime Branch Team UP Police Rajeev Singh Accused Arrest Lucknow Latest Today Hindi News taja khabar aaj ki uttar pradesh 2021 | Shine City Fraud: Another scammer related to Shine City was arrested from Jaipur

Shine City Fraud : The UP Police is continuously arresting the officers and employees associated with the Shine City Company, which has scammed many crores of rupees with its customers in the country. Now another scamster has been caught by the Varanasi Crime Branch Team.

Shine City scamster Rajiv Singh arrested

Another accused in the multi-crore scam, Rajiv Singh, has been arrested in the Shine City fraud case. Rajeev Singh has been arrested from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. The Varanasi Commissionerate Police team has arrested Rajiv Singh from a four star hotel in Jaipur. This vicious thug Rajiv of Shine City is a resident of Susuwahi, Chitaipur in Varanasi district. He is absconding for several months in half a dozen cases of fraud. This is the fourth arrest in the last few days by the Varanasi Commissionerate Police, related to Shine City. The police team has brought the arrested Rajiv from Jaipur to Varanasi. Remember that a non-bailable warrant is issued against Rajiv Singh from the Varanasi court.

A reward of Rs 5 lakh has been announced on the CMD of Shine City (Shine City K Md kaun Hai)

Officers arrested in Shine City Company scam (Concept Photo – Social Media)

ACS Home has announced a reward of Rs 5 lakh on Rashid and Asif Naseem, the main accused in this case. Vicious Rajiv Singh is the main member of this gang. Talking about this episode, Commissioner of Police, Commissionerate Varanasi, A.K. Satish Ganesh told that in the Shine City scam of crores, an accused named Rajiv Singh has been arrested by the Varanasi Commissionerate Police from Jaipur. Their arrest has been shown in the police station of Jaipur, Bajaj Nagar.

Crime branch team has arrested

Shine City Company Scam (Concept Photo – Social Media)

In this way, in the last 15 days, this is the fourth accused in the Shine City crore scam by the Varanasi Commissionerate Police. Whose arrest has been made. This arrest has been made by our crime branch and youth team. Teams are actively searching for those who are absconding. He said that the remarkable thing in this is that the last three arrests have been made from different states such as Bihar, Bengal. Now this arrest took place from here in Rajasthan. Police Commissioner A Satish Ganesan told that we will also reward our team for this excellent work.

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