T20 World Cup ke liye west indies ki team: Sunil Narine wont be included in West indies squad for T20 World Cup 2021, despite IPL performance Sunil Narine rejected by WI due to poor fitness, Windies team for ICC T20 World Cup

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In the T20 World Cup 2021, a team will be such that all the teams will have to be careful. We are talking about West Indies cricket team. He has proved to be the deadliest in the shortest format of cricket and has two T20 World Cup titles to prove it. Now the question is, how is his team this time? The selectors have included many strong players in the West Indies World Cup squad this time too, but there is one player who is still missing from this team. These players are Sunil Narine, who is rocking the IPL. The reason for leaving them out is shocking.

When the West Indies Cricket Board announced its team for the T20 World Cup 2021, the name of Sunil Narayan was not included in it. After that, when he came to play in the IPL and after impressing with his performance several times, he single-handedly won Kolkata Knight Riders in the crucial match of the playoff, it seemed that now he will get a place in the Caribbean team. But it will not happen. Team captain Kieron Pollard has made it clear that Narayan will not get a place in the World Cup squad and the reason for this is surprising.

This is the reason for not including Sunil Narayan’s name

If the Royal Challengers Bangalore team is out today in the Eliminator match of the IPL and the Kolkata Knight Riders team is still in the race, then it is because of Sunil Narayan. In the Eliminator match, Narayan scored 26 runs in 15 balls along with taking four wickets. October 15 is the last date to make changes in the T20 World Cup squad, so it was thought that Narayan would get a place in the World Cup team but team captain Kieron Pollard says that Narayan has not been given a place in the West Indies team due to poor fitness. .

West Indies Cricket Board is lying!

Sunil Narayan is one of the most experienced West Indies spinners as well as one of the few West Indies players who are currently in sync with the ball and the bat. Poor fitness is said to be the reason for not taking them. It is being said that he has not met the fitness standards of the West Indies Cricket Board. But how is this possible because in September he participated continuously in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL 2021) and also performed brilliantly for his team. Soon after that he reached UAE and there too he has played 7 matches for Kolkata Knight Riders so far. In such a situation, to say that he is not fit, it does not seem less than a lie.

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Or could this be the reason?

Of course, fitness does not seem to be the reason for which a legendary T20 bowler like Sunil Narayan has been kept out of the World Cup squad. Apart from this, there are some other reasons which can be the reason behind this, in which two reasons come at the top – the first reason may be that Sunil Narayan has not played any international match after the year 2019. He played his last T20 International against Pakistan in August 2019 in Abu Dhabi. The second reason related to this is that in those days the West Indies Cricket Board’s relations with many Caribbean players were going bad. Sunil Narayan was also among them. The stalwarts like Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo have settled with the board but Narayan stuck to his tune and that is probably the reason why the board is venting its anger today.

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It is worth noting that the T20 World Cup is going to be held in the UAE right after the IPL. Sunil Narayan has been present in the UAE for a long time and is also performing well, so the Caribbean team could have taken advantage of this player but it does not seem to be possible.