T20 World Cup: These Are 4 Most Rembeberable Moment Of World Cup History, Still Infuse Excitement Among The Fans & Do Forever, Video

T20 World Cup: These are the 4 most memorable moments in World Cup history, still fills millions of fans with enthusiasm, Video

T20 World Cup: Yuvraj Singh’s sixes still force the fans to dance

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New Delhi:

The atmosphere has started building regarding the T20 World Cup, which is going to start only a few days later. The preliminary round will start from October 17, from where four teams will enter the Super-12 for the next round. Now that the T20 World Cup is moving in the forward direction, it is also ruling all the forums. Discussions have started on social media. And cricket lovers are missing the “moments” that still thrill the fans and will always do. Let us once again take you through the top five moments that will put a smile on your face. Such moments whose videos will be seen by the generations to come, they will have a smile on their faces. Some of these moments are very special for Indians. And whenever crores of Indians meet these moments, their happiness knows no bounds.

1. Yuvraj’s six sixes

If this feat of the first edition played in the year 2007 is termed as the biggest moment ever, then once will not be wrong. India defeated England by 18 runs in Durban against England on September 19, but in the discussion, six consecutive sixes were hit in the 19th over of Chris Broad.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtEexaJhPEc2. That last ball…and India in celebration

The victory against Pakistan in the finals of 2007 and September 24 is one of the golden moments in Indian cricket history. Pakistan was chasing 157 runs to win. In the last over, he needed 13 runs to win. The bet was almost out of the hands of India. And when 6 runs were needed from just 4 balls, then Misbah got out on the ball of Joginder Sharma. Millions of Indians watch the video of this victory even today, so they are immersed in celebration.


3. Brathwaite’s Super Dhamaal
This is the story of the final of the 2016 World Cup, which took place at Eden Gordon, when the Windies were chasing 156 against England. In the last over of Ben Stokes, 19 runs were scored for him to win. In such a situation, Carlos Brathwaite hit four sixes to win the title for the Windies and England were left with a cheat.

4. That Super Over of 2007…and Pakistan was battered

The rule of super over in the 2007 World Cup was strange. If the match ended in a tie, then the players of both the teams had to hit the ball by bowling on the empty stump. The India-Pakistan match was tied on 14 September. India scored 141 for 9 wickets, then Pakistan 141 for 7 wickets .. From here both the teams got five chances and in this India slammed Pakistan 3-0. What happened after the match was tied, that sight gave smile to crores of Indians, it still gives, it is very tickling. Enjoy again.

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