T20 World Cup: To beat India, the Pakistan cricket team was lured by money, PCB was offered a blank check. PCB to get blank check if Pakistan beat India in T20 World Cup , says Ramiz Raza

T20 World Cup: Pakistan cricket team lured with money to beat India, PCB was offered a blank check

Pakistan to face India in T20 World Cup on October 24

You must have heard about the dreams of Mungeri Lal. One such beautiful dream in cricket is also of Pakistan. And, that dream is to beat India in the World Cup. Whether the Cricket World Cup is of ODI or T20, Pakistan has been defeated by India till date. It’s not that he doesn’t play better cricket. Rather, he also comes down with a new maneuver in every World Cup. But what is that, isn’t it Team India knows very well how to cut it on its arch-rival in the big riots of ICC. This is the reason that every time poor Pakistan gets defeated in the World Cup match at the hands of India.

Now India and Pakistan are going to clash once again. The occasion will be of T20 World Cup, the venue is Dubai and the date of the clash will be 24 October. The thrill of this match was already there, the permission given to the spectators to enter the stadium has added to it. All the tickets for the India-Pakistan clash have been sold out. That is, the Dubai International Stadium is going to be houseful. On October 24, only Indo-Pak fans will gather on 70 percent of its seats.

Pak team is greedy of money to beat India!

Pakistan is looking forward to defeat India on 24th October. For this he will be in the field with a new maneuver. This time the Pakistan cricket team has not been told about any special training or technique to defeat India, but has been given the lure of money. This has been confirmed by PCB Chief Rameez Raja himself. Raja told that he has been offered a blank check in lieu of defeating India in the World Cup, in which the players can fill their money. According to the news, this check has been offered to PCB by a big businessman of Pakistan.

Now who tells this to Pakistanis that the match is won by playing well on the field. Not because of the temptation of money. India and Pakistan have clashed 5 times in the T20 World Cup so far. And, India has been victorious on all occasions. At the same time, the same is the case in the ODI World Cup. India and Pakistan fought 7 times and India won all.

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