tarot rashifal for 15 october, friday, by taro reader pranita deshmukh, shukrawar ka rashifal, tarot rashifal in hindi | Aries people will remain positive and upbeat on Friday, Gemini people will rectify their mistakes.

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  • Know how the day of October 15 can be for you with tarot cards

On Friday, October 15, Aries sign people will be positive as per the Tarot Cards. There will be enthusiasm in every work. If Gemini people rectify their mistakes, then time may be in your favor. According to tarot card reader Pranita Deshmukh, know how the day of October 15 will be for all the 12 zodiac signs.


Due to the inspiration of a person, you will remain positive even in difficult tasks. There will be enthusiasm in the mind and freshness in the body, your knowledge will also increase along with working capacity, which will be helpful in removing every problem.

career Difficult projects can be completed easily with the help of people related to work.

Love Love and positive feelings for partner will be seen increasing.

Health There may be trouble like urine infection.

lucky color : Red

lucky number : 4


The person from whom you have hurt, even if you are not able to forgive the person, but try to forget that sadness. It is necessary to remove the obstacle caused by this misery. Discussing the problem with a family member can prove beneficial for you.

career Youth will get guidance to get high position in their field of work.

Love Because of your attractive personality, you can get many love proposals.

Health There is a possibility of foot related discomfort or injury.

lucky color : Orange

lucky number : 7


You will find two routes, choosing one of them and trying to stick to it. At present, the change coming in life will create a dilemma in the mind. Self-examination is necessary to correct your mistakes.

career Work-related problems will be troublesome for people associated with foreign and politics. The path can be attained with the help of an eminent person of acquaintance.

Love Due to the distance being maintained with the partner, it will be difficult to know each other’s thoughts properly.

Health The problem of infection related to eyes will arise.

lucky color : White

lucky number : 1


A plan made related to travel will be successful and this journey can also be profitable. It will be beneficial for you to accept work from an old friend. With this work, acquaintance with new people will increase and you can also get respect.

career Things related to work need attention. Try to tackle as many tasks as possible today.

Love Maintain transparency with the partner to remove the rift in the relationship due to a third person.

Health The immunity of the body will be seen increasing.

lucky color : rose

lucky number : 3


Due to low self-confidence, you spend more time than necessary in starting any work, which is a waste of time. Also pay attention to the quality of work. Maintain self confidence, avoid negative things.

career Work related to natural products can also be expanded abroad.

Love Try to remove mental pain and sorrow.

Health Stomach irritation may occur. There may be acidity problem.

lucky color : Yellow

lucky number : 6


If a person is getting suspicious or negativity is arising, then try to get complete information about it, do not just guess. Do not discuss matters related to family with outsider at all. Try to resolve the dispute amongst yourselves.

career If you are not able to become proficient in some work, then try to improve your skills.

Love If there is any problem in the relationship, then discuss it with the partner, but there is a need to show some restraint.

Health Emphasis will have to be given on liquid diet. The problem may be due to dehydration.

lucky color : Blue

lucky number : 2


The estrangement between the family members will be seen to be removed. All the family members will support each other, try to understand each other’s problems. You will get help to strengthen the financial side.

career People associated with government work need to improve the relationship with seniors.

Love Love relationship can get recognition from family.

Health To improve health, you will get guidance from dietician and doctor.

lucky color : Green

lucky number : 8


There is a need to test the behavior of people. Before trusting any person, think about the relationship with them. Someone related to you will show goodness in front of you, but may also try to create problems for you behind your back. take caution.

career Enemies will try to take advantage of mutual disputes between people working in partnership.

Love Due to getting angry on every little thing, there can be a dispute with the partner.

Health : The problem of BP and swelling on the body will be painful.

lucky color : gray

lucky number : 9

Sagittarius – ACE OF PENTACLES

Suddenly, the inflow of money can increase, positivity will increase for you. The work that you have been waiting for for a long time will see a positive change. Don’t take responsibility for everything yourself. You should only try to improvise individual works.

career There can be an increase in money and changes in the project by discussing with the seniors instead of work.

Love To improve the things related to the relationship, try to make some changes in your personality as well.

Health People who are suffering from diabetes will have to make changes in their diet.

lucky color : Purple

lucky number : 3

Capricorn – THE HERMIT

Try to relax yourself by spending some time in solitude. Always being in a crowd of people, you will not be able to pay attention to yourself properly. There is a need to focus on mental development along with one’s own physical development. You will get rid of negative thoughts.

career : People working in the counseling field will have to use the things learned in their work for their own good.

Love Problems can arise in the relationship.

Health The changing environment can have a bad effect on the body, it has to be kept in mind.

lucky color : Green

lucky number : 6


The situation is positive. People who are spreading negativity about you, they will start going away or their effect will not be on life. Try to start the work afresh.

career The present time is very beneficial for higher education. You can get admission at any desired place.

Love Unmarried people will see progress in matters related to love, relationship and marriage.

Health Health-related problems will gradually subside.

lucky color : Orange

lucky number : 9


Try to understand the lessons learned from the ups and downs in life. Your need will be fulfilled, due to which there will be happiness and convenience in life. Concentrate on the attainment of material happiness. You can get benefit from the help given to people.

career There is a possibility of loss in business related to foreign countries. Handle important work yourself.

Love The hustle and bustle related to the relationship can hurt mentally.

Health : Heaviness in the head will be due to weakness.

lucky color : Blue

lucky number : 3

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