Tata Motors every car liked by the people Know about it kpnd

New Delhi. Hardly any other company would have got the success that Tata Motors has got in the Indian market. The company has introduced such a unique range of cars that the perception that people had about the company has completely changed. The company offers unique things in each of its cars, due to which the demand for these cars is increasing in the market. Due to the excellent features of the company’s cars, the Tata company car is very popular in India. Let us know the features due to which Tata cars are so popular.

Best feature of 90 degree door opening For those who like style, Tata company cars are the best option. In these cars, the door opens up to 90-degrees, so that you do not have any problem in sitting. This feature comes in very handy on the rear seats. This feature was first introduced in Altroz.

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Safety features in Tata cars – Tata company takes great care of safety in its vehicles. The awareness of safety has been increased by the Tata company in a big way in India. The safest cars in India belong to the Tata company. All the cars of Tata Automobile Company except Safari and Harrier have been crash tested. All the cars available in the company offer high class safety in their respective segments. Tata Nexon got the first 5-star rating from India in GNCAP.

Cooled glovebox in Tata cars – You will get this feature in all Tata range of cars. Be it Tiago or Safari Cooled Glove Box is available in every car. Cars have a mini-fridge in the cooled glove box which prevents spoilage when stored.

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Xpress-cool in Tata cars – Express-cool is a special feature of the Tata company. Express-Cool provides excellent cooling inside the car in summers. The driver side window remains open so that the hot air inside can escape. The company has claimed that this feature is 70% faster than standard cooling.

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