Taurus Horoscope Monthly October 2021 : Know how will be in career and business for Taurus people in October – vrishabha rashi 2021 career prediction and know career and business remedies for taurus october month horoscope

monthly horoscopeTaurus( Taurus October Month Horoscope):
Planetary Movements / Changes
In October 2021, the combination of different planets will affect the people of Taurus. | Mars will transit in the fifth house from your zodiac till 22 October, will transit in Libra for the whole month from 22 October. Rahu will transit in your zodiac sign throughout the month. From October 2, Mercury will be retrograde from Libra to its own zodiac sign Virgo in the fifth house and from October 18, it will transit in Virgo. sources of Ketu will transit in the 7th house throughout the month.

Devguru Jupiter will transit in retrograde in Capricorn till October 18 and will transit in Capricorn from October 18 onwards, this position of Devguru Jupiter will affect the process of self-contemplation of the people of Taurus. From October 17, the Sun God will enter his debilitated sign Libra from Virgo, which will affect the family life and business of the people of Taurus. Ascendant Shukradev will transit from his zodiac Libra to Scorpio on October 2, and from October 30, Venus will enter Sagittarius from Scorpio sign. Shani Dev will be transiting in Capricorn on October 11. The transit of planets will affect different zodiac signs.

Taurus Horoscope October 2021 Monthly Prediction(Taurus Monthly Horoscope)

The transit of various planets in the first week of October will have a positive effect on the people of Taurus. You will feel the increase of patience in yourself, concentration towards your work will increase, which will be able to improve your work efficiency. Your work efficiency will have a positive effect on the speed of your work. An old project which was put on hold due to some reason is likely to start automatically. Old disputes with partners and customers are likely to be resolved, which will lead to an increase in business. You will be supported by luck on your work front, your subordinates and support staff will support you in your decisions so that you will be able to complete your current project on time. Your enemies and secret enemies will be under your control in business and job. The employed people of Taurus zodiac will feel restrained in their nature, due to which they will be able to perform better in their work. You will also expect a break in your job with a stuck transfer or a stuck promotion. Taurus natives can expect to hear good news in applying for a new job or in an interview. To achieve success in education, students will need to abandon their carelessness and laziness in their studies.

From October 17 onwards, due to the change in the transit of planets, there will be a lack of patience in the people of Taurus, there will be a rush in you while editing the work, which will have a negative effect on the success of your work. You will make small mistakes. Your concentration will decrease and you will not be able to focus yourself towards your goals. You will not be able to enjoy your work and you will also try to avoid your given responsibilities, you will consider your work as a burden. Which will affect your confidence. You will need to control your rudeness with your customers, with your rudeness you will find yourself unable to satisfy your customers’ queries, your behavior will affect your business relationship with your customers. You may not be able to respond to your work telephone conversations or emails in a timely and positive manner, which is likely to reduce your customers’ trust in you. Which will have a negative impact on the growth of your business and the sustainability of your sources of income.

The employed people of Taurus zodiac will need to run away from their ideological opponents and secret opponents of their office. You will need to avoid any kind of chatter or gossip at your workplace. You will need to be concerned with your work in your office. You will also feel the interference of your subordinates and superiors in your work. You will perform well in your work, but you will likely be discouraged in your work by your superior officer, you will need to be patient in yourself, you will get good results of your hard work in the near future. Chances will be there The people of Taurus, doing business and other work, will feel some pressure in their work. Your subordinates will not support you in taking any important decision, which is likely to affect the pace of your ongoing project. The slow pace of the project will have a negative impact on your budget, which will also lead to an increase in your project budget, which will negatively affect your financial management and may result in quick loss of business in the future. To get success in your education, you will need to study the subject deeply. Students will need to focus their attention towards their studies, avoiding fantasy and glamor.

From October 22 till the last days of the month, the people of Taurus will feel some positive vibrations due to the transit of various planets. There will be a break in the negative situations that have been going on for the past few days. The employed people of Taurus zodiac will be serious about their work. Taurus sign people will expect some positive internal changes in their job. Your position will likely be balanced in your office. You will have control over your secret enemies and opponents. There will be less interference in your work by superiors and subordinates. Your relations with senior officers will be in a position to improve, but you will need to avoid arguments with your superiors at any point, your argument may affect your relationship with senior officers. You will also attend a webnier or seminar related to your work, which will increase your professional knowledge skills and will help you in promotion in the near future. There will be some increase in your extravagant expenditure in terms of finance. You will spend your money on some useless things. You can also hear good news of winning in any debate or legal dispute. The people of Taurus zodiac who are in business will provide financial and social help to their employees, which will increase their respect among the employees. Your subordinates will believe in you. You will work on a plan to organize a seminar for the skill development of your employees. Students can expect to hear a good news in their examination results.

Taurus Horoscope (Taurus October Month Remedies)
1. Recite Maa Durga Chalisa daily.
2. Feed any grain to the birds.
3. You can fast on Friday for best results.
4. Be vegetarian on Wednesday, Saturday and Friday.
5. Donate food to needy persons.

Taurus Luck Color
If you are going to attend some important meeting, then you are advised to wear light green or sea green color clothes with you. Avoid carrying white color with you.

Important Dates(Taurus Luck day in October Month)
5th, 7th, 14th and 23rd would be beneficial dates anyway.