Terrorist Ashraf Arrested Was Also Involved In Converting Religion

Pakistan terrorist Mohammad Ashraf alias Ali Ahmed Noori, who was in the custody of Special Cell of Delhi Police, has made a sensational disclosure during interrogation. He was engaged in converting the people of Hindu religion in the country and making Muslim youth jihadis. He was playing the role of a sleeper cell, a terrorist and a convert.

NS. Ashraf was an active member of the organization Daute Islamic. In the programs of this institution, he also used to go abroad to give arguments. On the other hand, the handler of Mohammad Ashraf also had links with the terrorists caught from UP, Delhi and Rajasthan in the month of September. This has been revealed from the WhatsApp chatting of Mohd. Ashraf and Handler.

A senior officer of the Special Cell told that she is an active member of the Pakistan’s fundamentalist organization Daute Islami. He used to attend the conference’s conference. He has gone to Nepal, Thailand and Saudi Arabia to attend the conference of the organization. He has gone to these countries with a fake passport made on the card of Shastri Nagar, Delhi.

In India, he has gone to many states including Chennai, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and UP in the programs of the organization. It was called to give arguments in the programs of the organization. In such a situation, the police officers say that it was engaged in getting the people of Hindu religion converted. Taking the matter of religious conversion seriously, the Special Cell has started interrogating the accused terrorist in depth. The Home Ministry has been informed about its inquiry.

On the other hand Mr. Ashraf’s handler Nasir, in September, arrested terrorists from UP, Rajasthan and Delhi, Osama, Zeeshan, Moolchand, Mohd. Abu Bakr, Sameer, and Mohd. Aamir is also related to Javed. This module was being run by Osama’s uncle Humaid ur Rehman and sitting in Dubai. Uncle and father were in touch with the ISI handler. This disclosure The chatting between Ashraf and Pakistan handler Nasir happened on WhatsApp.

When handler Nasir wrote to bring a consignment of weapons from Kalindi Kunj Yamuna Ghat, at the same time Nasir wrote that Delhi Police has caught the boys of UP. We have suffered a lot because of this. Explosives have also been caught. On this Mo. Ashraf wrote that yes brother. NS. Ashraf used to delete WhatsApp chatting from his mobile. Delhi Police is preparing to send his mobile for forensic examination.

Police Headquarters was also tracked-
Mohammad Ashraf has also revealed during interrogation that he knows Ghulam Sarbar, a wanted terrorist who carried out the bomb blasts outside the Delhi High Court in the year 2011 and also recognizes his photo. Terrorist Ghulam Sarbar had asked him to conduct a raid of the Delhi High Court besides the bomb blast sites. At the behest of Ghulam, he had conducted a rake of about five-six places including Delhi High Court, Old Delhi Police Headquarters at ITO, Connaught Place.

Was also involved in bus bomb blast in Jammu and Kashmir
The accused terrorist has revealed during interrogation that in the year 2009, there was a bomb blast in the bus in Jammu and Kashmir. He was also involved in the bus bombings. Delhi Police is preparing to take him to Jammu and Kashmir for the incidents of Jammu and Kashmir.