The father of ‘googly’, the fast bowler, who invented the new ball on the billiards table, had a career spanning just 7 Tests. On This Day: Bernard Bosanquet birthday today, former England bowler who invented the googly ball

The father of 'googly', the fast bowler, who invented the new ball on the billiards table, had a career spanning just 7 Tests

Bernard Bosanquet used this ball for the first time in Test cricket in 1903.

Spinners have a very important role in the game of cricket and every spinner has a variety of balls. Be it off-spinner or leg-spinner, bowlers try to diversify their bowling and the most talked about ball in these variations is ‘Googly’. The most famous and most popular weapon of leg spinners, which often proves to be a puzzle for the batsmen. Even the biggest batsmen of the world get eaten in front of this ball. Obviously in such a situation it is important to know who started this ball first. Obviously it must have been a successful leg-spinner, but it would be surprising to know that it was actually a fast bowler who invented this technique of bowling on the billiards table.

The name is – Bernard Bosanquet. Former England Test Cricketer. In fact, on this day i.e. 13 October 1877, Bernard was born in Middlesex, England. After trying himself in domestic cricket in England, Barnard enrolled at Oxford University in 1897 and it was here that he suddenly invented a googly on a billiards table. Googly is the ball used by a leg spinner. In this ball, the ball was thrown by the action of leg spin, but with the light use of fingers, this ball comes like off spin after falling on the pitch.

Invented the googly on the billiards table

It is recorded in cricket history that Bernard was actually a middle pacer during his college days and in such a situation, his googling is surprising, but the truth is this. Bernard actually invented the technique of googling on a billiards table in Oxford. He was playing a game on the table in his college, in which the opponent had to throw the ball in such a way that he could not catch it. This is where Bernard first invented this technique using fingers and wrists and then continued to practice it.

Googly made a big impact on Bernard and he left fast bowling and chose leg spin, with which the weapon of googly was attached. He started using it in domestic matches in 1900, but introduced it to the world for the first time in Test cricket on the tour of Australia in 1903 and started giving trouble to the batsmen. Although many people initially objected to this, but soon it was recognized and the leg-spinners got an important weapon.

Career of only 7 test, but great journey in first class

However, despite making such a revolutionary change, Bernard’s career lasted only 7 Tests, as he proved to be a very average bowler at normal leg breaks except for the googly and often bowled poor line-lengths. Bernard himself admitted that his interest in bowling decreased and he was out of the Test team. Although he continued to play first-class cricket, he remained with Britain’s Royal Flying Corps during the first World Cup in 1914 and then the cricket career ended completely. Bernard took 25 wickets in 7 test matches. However, the first class record is excellent. In this, Bernard played 235 matches, in which he scored 11696 runs with 629 wickets.

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