The flight will fly from the roof of the house without any runway, know about 5 features of such a car | Flight will fly from the roof of the house without any runway, know about 5 features of the car

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  • The Flight Will Fly From The Roof Of The House Without Any Runway, Know About 5 Features Of Such A Car

New Delhi7 hours ago

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The day is not far when flying cars will be used by people in India for medical emergency services apart from travel. Vinata Aeromobility Company, which makes flying cars in India, is preparing flying cars for India. This Chennai-based company is making hybrid flying cars. The company says that it is capable of flying from the roof of the house without any runway.

The company first showed the model of the car to Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia. The company uploaded a 36-second video on its official YouTube channel on August 14, 2021.

Here we are telling you about 5 features of hybrid flying car…

1. Vertical Take-off and Landing
There will be no need for a runway to take off this car. It is a vertical take off and landing machine with a co-axial quad rotor configuration. The wings of the flying car have been installed on all four sides. With the help of which the car can hover, take off and land vertically. Its coaxial quad motor system generates energy from eight BLDC motors, which are fitted with 8 pitch propellers.

2. Will fly at altitudes up to 3,000 feet
The hybrid flying car can fly for 60 minutes at a top speed of 120 kmph. It can fly up to 3,000 feet above ground level. The weight of the two-seater car is 1100 kg, which can take off with a maximum weight of 1300 kg. The company claims that its range is up to 100 km.

3. Flying Car Cabin
The digital instrument panel inside the flying car is equipped with Artificial Intelligence technology feature. This makes the car easy to drive and fly. The car gets a large digital touch screen for navigation and weather information. The flying car gets a panoramic window which gives a 300 degree view.

4. Cockpit with Airbags for Safety
In terms of safety, the hybrid electric flying car gets an ejection parachute as well as a cockpit with airbags. Apart from this, a separate Electric Propulsion (DEP) system is used. Which keeps the passenger completely safe. This means that there are multiple propellers and motors on the aircraft and if one or more motors or propellers fail, the other working motors and propellers can land the aircraft safely.

5. Will also run on bio fuel
The hybrid flying car will run on electric as well as bio fuel. Also, it has been given backup power which will power the motor in case the generator power stops.

What is Hybrid Car?
A hybrid car looks like a normal car, but uses two engines. It has electric motor with petrol/diesel engine. This technique is called hybrid. Now most companies are working on similar cars.

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