The house of the Deputy Director of Culture Department was stolen Naya Raipur incident | The Deputy Director of Culture Department went to roam, thieves ran away with cash and mobile from home

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A broken lock was also found.  - Dainik Bhaskar

A broken lock was also found.

The house of the Deputy Director of Culture Department of Chhattisgarh was robbed. A report has been lodged in this matter at Mandir Hasaud police station. The incident took place in Naya Raipur area. Thieves targeted the abandoned house of Deputy Director JR Bhagat. The miscreants entered the officer’s house very comfortably and cleaned his hands on the cash and mobile phone and fled.

Theft in the Deputy Director's house.

Theft in the Deputy Director’s house.

JR Bhagat has told in his complaint to the police that on October 15, he had gone from Raipur to Bhilai because of his family function. He has got a government residence in Sector 17 of Naya Raipur. After locking this government residence numbered E 1/38, Bhagat left for Bhilai with his family. He also discharged his personal staff in the house. Now when he returned, he found the lock of the house’s gate broken. When I went inside I saw all the stuff was scattered and the broken lock was also found lying there.

Bhagat notices that the door of his cupboard has also been opened and the locker has been tampered with. Two mobile phones of 60 thousand rupees kept inside the cupboard were stolen. The rear gate of the house was also broken. After this, he has given information about this incident at Mandir Hasaud police station. According to the police, this incident has been carried out by a nearby gang. The area of ​​Naya Raipur remains quite deserted. It is being speculated that in the darkness of the night, the thieves had done a recce of this deserted house and after that the incident would have been carried out. The police is claiming that soon the accused involved in this theft will be arrested.

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