The magic of spinners will work in the T20 World Cup, if you follow this special advice of Muttiah Muralitharan. T20 World Cup: Muralitharan’s advise to Spinners Defense is the attack in T20 Cricket

The magic of spinners will work in T20 World Cup, if you follow this special advice of Muttiah Muralitharan

Muttiah Muralitharan has said that spinners should focus on saving runs.

The T20 World Cup (ICC T20 World Cup 2021) is starting. There is going to be a battle of ball and bat for the next one month on the pitches of Oman and UAE. Looking at the condition of the pitches in the IPL 2021 held in the UAE, just before the World Cup, it is clear that the slow bowlers and especially the spinners will be there. Nevertheless, spinners often have to struggle in this format and in such a situation, the great Sri Lankan spinner Muttiah Muralitharan has given special advice for how the spinners get success. Legendary off-spinner Murali, who has taken the highest 800 wickets in Test cricket, has said that the best method of attack with the spinners is defense.

The Sri Lankan legend has said that the slower the spinners bowl, the more difficulty the batsmen will face in playing their shots. Muralitharan has said that bowlers in T20 cricket cannot always take wickets like in Test or 50 overs cricket. That’s why it is often seen that in the spell of 4 overs in T20, bowlers try to control the runs as much as possible and in that effort they also get wickets. This was seen a lot especially in the current season of IPL held in UAE.

Spinners should approach with a defensive mindset

Regarding the role of spinners in the T20 format before the World Cup, Muralitharan wrote in his column for the ICC website, “Defense is the attack in T20. You should aim for 6 or 6.5 runs per over. If that happens, then wickets will also be available. My experience in T20 cricket as a player or coach or mentor is that you should approach with a defensive mindset. Whereas in Tests or ODIs, the goal is to take wickets.

Murali also told that the bowlers are now beginning to understand that it will not be easy for the batsmen to score runs on slow balls and hence pacers also use slow balls in this format. He wrote, “Initially people thought that spinners would be smashed in T20 cricket but now it is clear that the slower the ball, the harder it will be to hit it. Spinners have become the most important bowler and fast bowlers are also bowling slow deliveries because everyone wants to avoid giving the ball straight to the bat.

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