These are the myths of the stock market, which do not allow the youth to make a career

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Myths About The Stock Market:

If a youth thinks of making a career in the stock market, then he is discouraged by saying that there is grabbling and betting in the stock market, how to make a career there. Along with this, stories of many such people are also told, who were ruined by investing money in the stock market.

If you are also one of those people who want to make a career in the stock market, but are unable to move forward after hearing these things, then let us tell you that you have been told a half-truth. Generally people do not count their mistakes. The main reason for people’s money sinking here is excessive greed, lack of information, haste, lack of research, lack of risk management etc. A career in the stock market is as rewarding as any other field.

Stock market is gambling, not business

The reputation of the stock market is said to be a market of gambling, speculation and speculation. Such misinformation is spread by people who have burnt their hands overnight in an attempt to quadruple their money. Here too, as in any other business, you should have a reasonable risk-return expectation in mind. Wealth creation is a slow and steady process. Therefore, people should be encouraged to invest their savings wisely in good companies and become proud shareholders. Stock market is just a gamble for people who want to make money overnight and place bets to make quick money.

high risk in stock market

The entire earning game in this market depends on the risk and return involved in equity holding. Share prices fluctuate every day and sometimes every hour. However, if we look at the returns for a few years, the overall returns will be much higher than the figures displayed over a period of one month or one year. It’s your patience is the key to success here.

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Stock market career is not a stable profession

People earning a fixed salary every month look at the stock market as an additional income source. People want a regular and fixed salary in their life, but people associated with the stock market do not think so. They give new direction to their career every day.

Stock market careers only for experts

It takes time to master any skill and so is the case with the stock market. At present, personal investors are the largest participants in the stock market. The total number of demat accounts increased by a record 14.2 million in FY21. Retail investors contribute 45 per cent of the total volumes in the equity cash market in 2021, up from 33 per cent in 2016. These figures debunk another myth.

Keep these things in mind before making a career here

read as much as you can

If you want to make a career in the stock market, then get as much information about it as possible. Get information through all mediums like newspapers, business magazines, blogs, brokerage reports, annual reports.

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hang out with like minded people

It is beneficial to live and interact with like-minded people to achieve your goals. This allows you to discuss potential trades, investment ideas, market outlook, financial planning, and more.

move at a slow and steady pace

Do not invest all your funds at once. Take a pyramiding approach to increase your exposure. This will reduce your risk.

build your confidence

Taking a buy/sell decision based on the recommendations or suggestions of others is not a profitable deal. Always do research before risking your capital. Choose the right tool to plan your trades and then trade based on your plan.

risk management is essential

Risk management is the most important in this. If you are an investor, don’t put all your money in one company. Invest your money in different companies at small rates. One should not risk more than 1.5-2% in any investment.