Thieves In Car, Four Incidents In Half An Hour

Shops located on the main road in Adarshnagar were targeted one after the other, broke the locks of Jewelers Shop, Medical Store, E-Mitra Kiosk and Bakery, car rider thief gang captured in CCTV

Ajmer. Thief gang has created panic in the city. After the deserted houses in the streets and colonies, now the business establishments of the main roads of the city are on the target of thieves gang. Where the police patrolling goes to the police station and outpost as soon as darkness sets in, while the thieves who came out in four wheelers break the locks of the shops and commit crimes.

Thieves, who came in a luxury car near the Adarsh ​​Nagar Madhav gate, broke the locks of four shops in a series in the early hours of Saturday. However, in haste, the thieves could not take certain items from any establishment other than the cash from the medical store. When the people who came out on the morning walk saw the shutters of the shops broken, they informed the shop owner and the police. As soon as the information was received, the patrol team of Adarshnagar police station reached. On the basis of the CCTV footage, the police started searching for the suspected thief and the car.

cash theft from medical store

Bharat Pharma’s operator Amit Kumar Sharma told that the thieves entered by raising the shutter of the shop. Stole cash worth Rs 25-30 thousand kept in the neck of the medical store. Sharma told that the people who came out on the morning walk informed him about the broken shutters of the shop.

could not enter the bakery

The second incident was carried out in a bakery located in Adarshnagar. The thieves broke the shutter of the bakery but could not take anything from here. Prashant told that the goods are stored till near the shutter of the bakery. The thieves tried to enter inside by raising the shutter but the goods came in the way. He told that the thieves had taken away mobile phones and cash after carrying out the incident in July also.

stay here empty handed

The third and fourth incidents were carried out on a few seconds at Shreeji Jewelers and next to Gauri Computers. Thieves entered Gauri Computers but nothing was found here except computer goods.

Jewelers shutter broken

Shreeji Jewelers, a member of the thief gang, broke the shutter but the shutter of the shop was at the mouth of the street. The jewelery shop was quite inside. Here, seeing the hustle and bustle of those going out on morning walk, the thieves gang thought it appropriate to run away instead of entering the jewelers’ place. Couldn’t take anything from here.

thief seen in cctv

The thieves who came to commit the theft came in a luxury car. Three men got out of the car. The trio raised the shutter in a blink of an eye. Police are on the lookout for the suspected car and the thieves.