This Diwali you may not get discount on your favorite cars due to semiconductor shortage

New Delhi, Auto Desk. Semiconductor Chip Shortage : With Navratri ushering in festivals in the country, people look forward to Diwali discounts to buy their favorite items throughout the year. At the same time, vehicle lovers are ready to cash in on the festive discounts given by the companies to bring their favorite vehicle home. But it seems, this time the car of your dreams will not reach your home.

Actually, these days the lack of semiconductor chip used in vehicles remains a big problem for the vehicle sector. Let us tell you, not only the automobile industry but the lack of this chip is hindering the production of computer equipment and even toothbrushes. According to a media report, customers usually get attractive festive discounts during the festive period, though the automakers are paying more this time due to lack of chips. As a result, most of the automotive showrooms are not offering discounts as manufacturers are struggling to meet the demand.

There was a huge reduction in the production of Maruti in the last month

Semiconductor chips have also played a negative role in the recent sales figures released by automakers. The country’s largest automaker Maruti Suzuki reported a 51 per cent fall in production during September, which the company attributed to chip shortage. Maruti, the leading auto maker in the country, produced 81,278 units last month as compared to 166,086 units in the same period a year ago.

Vehicles not reaching the dealer due to low production

Overall, it can be said that due to lack of chips, the production of vehicles has fallen, due to which bookings are taking place, but the company is not able to supply the vehicle to the dealer, and due to less number of vehicles at the dealership. It is expected that this time no special discounts will be offered on festivals.