Thought Of One Religion And Their Effects | What if all religions unite together? – Religious Discourse

Osho Shailendra

Kabaddi Naseeruddin thought that why not invent such a vehicle which can go everywhere! In his mind, Naseeruddin made a jugaad-yantra by combining the cabin of the submarine, the hull of the boat, the bullock cart, the wings of the airplane and the rocket launcher. After a while he saw on television that the Nobel Prize had been announced for this discovery. He was just about to leave the house to receive the award, shouting in joy that the wife shook him, ‘Where were you going without telling me? / Naseeruddin said in a sad voice- ‘Your bad luck Begum! I wish you had stayed for ten minutes, today you would have been the rich wife of the Nobel Prize winner!’

Many people have similar dreams that by combining the best things of different religions, they form a new religion – human religion or something. It will be as if we think of a hospital where along with all the pathies, the exorcist who exorcists and the Baba who gives blessings is also present! Such a hospital will not be able to give complete treatment to anyone. Similarly, no matter how good it sounds to hear the harmony of all religions, people may agree with it, but this vehicle will not prove to be of any use. When Akbar brought ‘Din-e-Ilahi’, Gandhi said, ‘Ishwar-Allah Tere Naam’. History knows how much success both of them got.

The ultimate truth is attained by those who are completely immersed in the concept of God or Allah. In fact the goal is to merge into that One. While chanting your own name, even if the humility is controlled, it becomes a matter. Patanjali said that start meditation with the remembrance of the beloved. Gautam Buddha said – Quit the whirlwind of names, watch your breath carefully. Nanak liked the sound of Om, while the sage of Nirvana Upanishad liked the sound of breath ‘Soham’. That became the boat for them to take them to God.

The proverb of ‘Ekai Sadhe Sab Sadhai, Sab Sadhe Sab Jaye’ should also be seen in this context. Reverence on any one guru can get you across the ocean of the universe. A disciple lying in the midst of many gurus becomes confused and cannot travel. What is the harmony between the words of Lord Mahavir and devotee Meerabai? Both are different nectars, but the mixture of both is poison. Carbon, potassium and nitrogen are completely harmless separately, but potassium cyanide, a combination of all three, is a dangerous poison. Therefore, beware! According to your interest-inclination, no matter how much time you spend in choosing, searching and examining the path of spirituality, but once you have chosen it, then do not be confused.