Toyota benefited from Ford leaving India 79 percent growth in SUV sales kpnd

New Delhi. In the month of September, a total of 2,351 vehicles have been purchased in the full size SUV segment of the Toyota company. 24% more vehicles have been sold in September this year as compared to the vehicles that Toyota Company sold in September last year. Toyota Fortuner has proved to be the best selling vehicle of Toyota company. According to the data, ever since Ford’s manufacturing has stopped in the country, Toyota’s sales have increased. This means that the Toyota company has directly benefited from the departure of Ford. There has been a direct increase of 79 percent in the sales of this model of the company.

Fortuner sales increase In September this year, a total of 1,869 units of Toyota Fortuner SUV have been sold, while in September last year, only 1,045 units of Toyota Fortuner were sold, ie 79% more Toyota Fortuner SUVs have been sold this year. Not a single unit of Ford Endeavor could be sold last month, whereas in September last year, 694 units of Ford Endeavor were sold by the company. From this it is clear that due to the departure of Ford, a major competitor of Toyota Fortuner has ended the market from India.

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Here are some special features of Toyota Fortuner – It is a full-size SUV that will be powered by a petrol engine with a capacity of 2.7-litre. A 2.8-litre diesel engine is also available in the SUV. There are two versions of the vehicle – the Fortuner and the Legend. The SUV will also get a large touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay (9-inch unit for the Legendary version and 8-inch unit for the base version). In the Legendary version, the SUV also gets wireless charging pad, 360-degree parking camera, a tweaked instrument cluster and ambient lighting. Not only this, the Toyota Fortuner also gets smart features like kick-to-open for the powered tailgate.

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