Triton Electric car with 1200 kms range showcased in India

New Delhi, Auto Desk. Triton Electric Car: Seeing the growing popularity of electric vehicles in the country, US-based electric vehicle maker Triton EV recently introduced its Model H electric SUV in Hyderabad, which will be the first car from the carmaker to be launched in India. Which looks very interesting to watch. The Triton EV model definitely looks like an American SUV with a chunky front face and a large grille.

It measures 5,690 mm in length, 2,057 mm in height and 1,880 mm in width. At the same time, its wheelbase is around 3,302 mm, which matches with the massive size of the SUV. For information, let us tell you that the Triton EV Model H SUV can comfortably seat eight people. The company also claims that it has enough room to fit up to 5,663 liters (200 cubic feet) of luggage. The Triton Model H SUV will be offered in seven color options. Currently, the SUV that was showcased during the event was Metallic Blue.

The Triton EV also promises great performance from the Model H SUV. It is equipped with a 200kWh battery pack, which has the option of HyperCharge. The Triton EV claims that this electric SUV can be fully recharged via a hypercharger in just two hours. On a full charge, it can run for around 1,200 km without being plugged in.

The company said it would invest $300 million in the next few months. It also said that the carmaker has already received purchase orders worth $2.4 billion from India. If the claimed range is true, it will be the first electric car in India to be able to cross a range of 1,000 km on an electric charge, and will certainly be one of the longest-range EVs globally.