Two cars of same number recovered, investigation continues

Sansu, Barhi (Hazaribagh): Despite strictness in traffic rules, a case of having two cars on the same number plate has come to light. In the course of investigation of a case, the police of Barhi police station have recovered two cars with the same number plate (JH 01 CV 4318). The police is engaged in a thorough investigation of the matter by standing it in the Barhi police station premises. Barhi police inspector cum station in-charge Neeraj Kumar Singh said that an application was given to Barhi police station a few days ago by Amit Varnwal, resident of Barhi Dhanbad Road. Based on which the investigation of the matter was started after registering an FIR. Giving information, he said that Amit Varnwal of Barhi bought a second hand car from a person from Tilaiya, but when the person selling the car started trying to transfer the paper of the car, he gave a written complaint to the Barhi police station. . Also, expressing the apprehension of being a wrong car, the said car was deposited in Barhi police station itself. In the course of research, another car fitted with the same number plate of the said car was also recovered from Barkatha. The color of both the cars is also the same. The car owner from whom the car was recovered in Barkatha says that he has the documents to prove that the registration of his car is correct. The owner of both the cars is the second owner of the car. The police is investigating the case.

Edited By: Jagran