Venkatesh Iyer: Know Venkatesh Iyer Match Winner Player

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You must have seen the movies of South’s superstar Rajinikanth. There are some action scenes of his films, seeing which you must have said that it is not possible. But ask any fan of Rajini, he will say that Rajni is toh mumkin hai. It is a relationship of trust and trust between Rajinikanth and his fans. This trust-belief also creates confidence within the fans and when he is determined, nothing is impossible for him too. A fan of Rajni is making a splash in IPL these days. My name is Venkatesh Rajasekharan Iyer.

Born in a middle class South Indian family, Venkatesh Iyer was a brilliant student from the beginning. His parents never asked him to sit for studies, rather Venkatesh Iyer’s mother used to get upset seeing him studying all the time. She would ask him to go out and play with the children. Later on this meritorious student would make his career in cricket, no one knew. Venkatesh Iyer himself tells that if he had not been a cricketer, he would have been in IIT or IIM. The confident ghutti Venkatesh Iyer probably drank as a child. Because of this, he remained confident about his studies as well. Although Venkatesh Iyer has never been so confident about his cricket, yet he made cricket his career. Maybe he knew that there is no pulse in cricket, so there is education.

He went to bat for the first time in an international level tournament in Abu Dhabi. Six feet tall Venkatesh Iyer’s stature caught the attention. When he took the fourth ball of his IPL career with a brilliant drive to the boundary between the fielder standing at mid-off and extra cover, Logbagh once again stayed in his place. The sweetness with which Venky played this shot surprised many commentators. Along with this, the files of all the past and present of this player were being searched. Where was born, where does he play, does he like it, what does not? There was a feeling of getting a new star for Indian cricket.

After investigation, it was found that this player of Madhya Pradesh has reached Abu Dhabi after playing record breaking innings in Vijay Hazare Trophy. Venkatesh Iyer played a blistering innings of 198 runs in the Vijay Hazare Trophy against Punjab in February this year. No other cricketer could have played such a big innings in List-A cricket in the world. In 2013, Australian legend David Warner scored 197 runs in a List-A match.

Venkatesh’s innings against Punjab, which ended on 198 runs, progressed from there in Abu Dhabi. He turned the fortunes of the team by playing an unbeaten attacking innings of 41 runs in his debut match. Kolkata had lost five of their opening seven matches in the first leg of the season. The team looked withered. The players’ shoulders were bowed. Captain Dinesh Karthik, burdened with continuous defeats, also left the captaincy. Eoin Morgan, who won England the World Cup trophy, was given the command of the team, but to no avail. But in the second leg, Venky brought a spark with him and turned the Knight Riders into a blazing ball of fire.

Not that Venkatesh is in the second phase Kolkata team associated with the. He was also with the team during the first leg played in India. However, he did not make a part of the playing XI even once in the first leg. But this young player used that time to strengthen his bond with the senior and junior players of the team. He explains, “Sometimes when you are a junior player in the team, your range of movements is limited. Sometimes you are hesitant to talk to seniors. I was hesitant in the beginning too, but here it didn’t take me long to understand that the setup of this team is different. Everything is normal here and I can go and talk to any senior directly. I can discuss my problems with the team management. This team atmosphere worked to instill confidence in me.

Venkatesh, who considers Sourav Ganguly as his idol, loves reading books, cooking shows and watching movies apart from cricket. Venky tells that he is a big fan of Rajinikanth and he can keep watching the same film of his many times and continuously. He says that he doesn’t think too far ahead. He wants to take full advantage of the opportunities that come his way. For the time being, he wanted to make his mark in the second leg of the IPL, in which he has been successful and now he wants to make this identity a success in domestic cricket.

Voice : Sonia Verma