Video of the initial events surfaced, the police tried hard to stop, but Lovely had escaped | Was sitting in the car, seeing the police drove the vehicle, the inspector kept running behind

Jodhpur3 hours ago

Ratanada police station officer Leelaram is seen running after Lovely to stop Lovely’s car.

A live video of Jodhpur’s famous Lovely Kandara encounter has surfaced. Lovely was sitting with some of his friends in the car in Ratanada area. The police who arrived suddenly surrounded the gangster’s car. Tried to catch him, but Lovely’s companion took the car away from there.

During this, Ratanada Police Officer Leelaram is hitting the glass with the butt of his pistol. This broke the glass. Lovely in front of the city and behind the police car kept running at high speed. It ended with Lovely’s encounter near Digaadi Fante.

that’s how it started
Dressed in uniform, Leelaram reached Ratanada area with three of his constables dressed in plain clothes. As soon as his car stopped, three constables got out and moved towards a car parked there. Surrounded the car from both sides and tried to open the door, but Lovely closed the door and window glass from inside. He drove the car, then with a pistol in his hand, Leelaram got down from his car and ran towards Lovely’s car. By then Lovely’s car had moved on. Leelaram hit the window glass with the butt of his pistol. Lovely runs away from there.

…and the chase began
As Lovely ran away, Leelaram moved towards his car and started chasing her fast. Both the cars ran very fast through the busy roads of the city. During this, Lovely’s car climbed the divider at the Green Gate near the Engineering College. By the time Leelaram’s car came near, Lovely opened the glass and opened fire towards the police. The police car stopped. While taking back Lovely’s car rammed into the police car.

2 Fire Lovely and 7 SHO Leelaram did
Lovely’s car rammed the couple going on a motorcycle while passing through the Military Hospital. Just then, Lovely’s car stops. Lilaram’s car also reached the side. Leelaram and Lovely went side by side in their respective vehicles and their weapons were facing each other. Lovely’s first shot hit the bumper of the car.

The shell of the second bullet, passing through the second gate, fell near Leelaram’s feet. Tried to fire another shot, but got stuck in the pistol. After two fires, Leelaram fired 7 rounds in a hurry. Lovely did not get shot directly, bullets that pierced the car gate entered his chest, ribs and hand. Lovely fell in the car. The driver opened the gate and started running, then Leelaram fired the 8th fire in the air and caught him.
History sheeter’s encounter in broad daylight: In Jodhpur, there was fierce gunfight between the police and the miscreant on the middle road, an inspector was also injured

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