Vivek Bindra won the 8th Guinness World Records title know the reason varpat

New Delhi. Whenever we hear about any Guinness World Record, a question arises in our mind, hey how, how did this person do it? People ask the same question to us when we do big business webinars. Whenever Dr. Vivek Bindra interacts with people in live streaming, every time a new world record is set. On October 2, Vivek Bindra, while speaking on the topic ‘Peak Performance and Productivity’ in the 8th Bivinar, Bibek Bindra told the unique ways to increase both presentation and productivity from practical examples by shifting from bookish knowledge.

During this record 1 lakh 10 thousand 939 unique viewers were present. 37,670 people from different countries of the world fully associated with it and learned all the funds. In the past, only a maximum of 15,000 people were able to attend this type of program.

What is the specialty behind the records being made one after the other?
Even before this, when Dr. Bindra appeared with his program in seven webinars held in the last two years. A new Guinness World Record was set. People ask how so.. how come so many people every time.. how does Bindra make a new record every time. The answer is, theory not practical. Knowledge not results. Not aerial rhetoric, practical things explained with formulas and facts. The greatness of these 8 webinars so far for individuals like Sales, Retail, Marketing was that it brought out the biggest problems facing this industry. Not only the problems were enumerated, but the straight paths to their solution were given, that is why when big business announces Dr. Vivek Bindra’s webinar, a new record is set in front. Motivation as well as solution is the secret of our record. The specialty of Dr. Bindra is that he speaks his mind with a customized strategy. That’s why the fellow of that trade listening to him in front is thinking at that time, Oh, this is for me.

Free Registration, Quick Solution
This is the only reason that users cross millions of users and video watch time becomes a world record by crossing the heights of crores. Tired of expensive courses, boring lectures, trade experts are drawn here because Dr. Vivek Bindra acquaints them with the free of cost value addition that solves their problems in a jiffy. This is the reason why they are gaining fame as the best entrepreneur YouTube channel in India and the world.

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This is the history of his world records
If you take a look at his earlier webinars, on 15 August 2021, ‘Marketing Ke Mahakumbh’ Dr. Bindra shared 40 low-cost marketing strategies webinars, which got more than five lakh views. 3 lakh 31 thousand 505 unique viewers had seen this webinar. On 20 June 2021, the 6th Leadership Lessons webinar had more than 3 lakh views and a world record of 27.2 million impressions was set. On 27 September 2020, the Online Lesson of Retail Management had more than 2 lakh 74 thousand users and reached 2.6 million. On 15 August 2020, the How to Startup event had a watch time of more than 1 crore 84 lakh minutes and if we talk about Reach, it was 5.6 million. In the Lesson Strategy Management held on 27 June 2020, a world record was set for more than 1 lakh 22 thousand participants. This webinar got a watch time of more than 1 crore 41 lakh minutes. On 31 May 2020, 1.5 million participants joined 138 countries in the online sales lesson, a world record of 40 million minutes of watch time. Watch time given to this webinar.

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