‘We were all dancing, we were bursting firecrackers, when the car that came from behind the procession from the side of the tractor became death, everything fell apart’ | We were all dancing, bursting firecrackers, then the car came as death from behind.

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  • ‘We Were All Dancing, We Were Bursting Firecrackers, When The Car That Came From Behind The Procession From The Side Of The Tractor Became Death, Everything Fell Apart’

Raigarh9 hours ago

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The car that came from the side of the tractor had entered such a crowd.  - Dainik Bhaskar

The car that came from the side of the tractor had entered such a crowd.

A young man who narrowly escaped a road accident in Pathalgaon on Friday afternoon Dainik Bhaskar Told the eyes of the incident. How the atmosphere filled with joy and celebration turned into mourning and screaming in a matter of seconds. Read… an incident filled with indignation..

‘I was involved in the procession. The Jashpur Road Durgotsav Committee had already fixed the time and route for the immersion of Durga idols. We left the pandal on time in the afternoon with the idol of Mother Goddess, we had some other idols with us and also the people of those committees. We all went out for immersion in full enthusiasm. Our committee mates wore the same outfit. Some of my friends were bursting crackers in front, I was on the right side of the road.’

‘We had also called some dance and singing groups, who were doing traditional dances. Everything was going on in a very pleasant atmosphere. At 1 pm we reached near Kanya School, about 100 meters away from Pathalgaon police station. There was also a tractor behind our procession. The crowd was huge. So the tractor was moving slowly behind. I was trying to clear some small vehicles from the side of the crowd.

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…and then the stampede, the screams and the death

“At the same time I heard the sound of a loud horn behind the crowd, the horn was sounding incessantly. When I looked at that side, a car rapidly overtaking the tractor. The driver of the car had no idea that there was a crowd in front of the tractor all the way. He came out very fast from the side of the tractor. By the time he tried to reduce the speed, the car had entered the crowd. As soon as people hit him, he pressed the accelerator instead of hitting the brakes. Due to this, the car went straight at full speed, trampling the people in front. Before anything could be understood, people were scattered on the streets.

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“Everyone was stunned by the fear. After a few seconds everyone started picking up those who had fallen on the streets. Some were conscious, some were unconscious. There was a group of dancers in the middle of the road and my friends who were bursting firecrackers in front of them, these people suffered the most. We ran after the car, but the speed of the car was very fast. By this time all the people around came after hearing the screams. Information was given to the police, who was taken to the hospital with the means found. Within moments the celebration turned into mourning of death. Still thinking about that incident gives goosebumps.”

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