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Recently, in Houston, a three-year-old child died in an accidental shot at a baby boy. Even before this, incidents of gun violence in public places are becoming common in America. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden appealed to citizens to stay away from guns and talked about bringing a new rule as soon as possible. Also asked the Law Ministry to bring the Red Flag Act so that the states get the right to strict on the purchase and sale of guns.

After every incident there is a debate
Every day in this country, gunmen have been taking their lives by shelling in schools or shopping places. Such incidents have increased in recent years. After every such incident, there is a debate on the rules of gun license in the country, but even then the license is relatively easy to get here.

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Millions die every year
This is the reason why on average 88 of every 100 population in America have a gun. Let us tell you that this study was done by the Small Arms Survey in the year 2011. In the subsequent decade, it is being estimated that this figure must have been much higher. As a result of this, every year about 114,994 people in the country lose their lives in some kind of gun violence.

joe biden gun violence america

Everyday gunmen are killing their lives by shelling schools or shopping places – symbolic photo (pixabay)

So is there no minimum age limit to buy a gun in the US?
According to the Gun Control Act 1968 (GCA), it is mandatory to be at least 18 years old to buy a rifle or any small weapon here. At the same time, it is necessary to be 21 years old to buy other firearms like handguns. Any state can increase this age limit but it cannot reduce it.

These people can’t buy weapons
Many people cannot legally buy any kind of weapon. Among them, such people who are fugitives, who are in any way a danger to the society or who are suffering from any kind of mental weakness or who have a history of depression, they cannot buy weapons. Apart from this, weapons cannot be sold to youth who have been intoxicated.

Terms for seller as well
There is also an age limit for those selling weapons. According to the Federal Firearms License (FFL), the arms dealer must be above 21 years of age. They should have a separate place to run the business, which should be known to the local law enforcers such as the police.

joe biden gun violence america

According to the rules, many people cannot legally buy any kind of weapon – indicative photo (pixabay)

The seller will also get a license to sell arms only if he gives a certificate of his mental state being balanced. Also, even if the seller is involved in any kind of criminal activity or has a record of indulging in intoxication, then he does not get a license.

background check is done
Before the purchase of Firearms, there is a background check of the buyer. According to the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 rule of Gun Control X, this is required to be done. NICS, a branch of the intelligence agency FBI, is active for this investigation. Along with this, the state police can also investigate separately.

This is how the investigation is done
Under the US federal system (centre) before selling a gun, a licensed dealer is required to conduct a background check on the buyer. The FBI can investigate whether the person has a criminal record, or a mental health problem or any such case.

joe biden gun violence america

The biggest flaw in the US is said to be in the background check – symbolic photo (pixabay)

The biggest flaw is said to be in background checks
A person who is unable to pass this background check does not get the right to buy a gun legally. But as difficult as this background check sounds, private sales have made it easier. By private sale here means you buy the gun directly from your friend or a family member, not going to the shop. This is also believed to be one of the reasons behind gun culture in the country.

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Freedom to carry guns in the open
In most US states, the owner of the gun can carry the weapon with him. However, a separate permit is required for this. In many states, there is a rule to carry the gun under cover, while many states give exemption to the owner of the gun to carry the gun in the open. In some states, such as New Jersey, the gun owner is also required to carry his ID and weapon license while carrying the weapon in public places.

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